Three Interviews – Jon Gold, Cosmos, Michael Badnarik

Following are three interviews provided by Jon Gold, long-time truth activist in Pennsylvania.

Jon Gold Interviews Cosmos, Founder of , at Ground Zero – 5/1/2010


“… Until there is justice for this mass murder, this gigantic mass murder, then it’s going to be a part of my life and I’m going to be dedicated to doing what I can to get justice. All I’m interested in 9/11 is a legitimate, independent, criminal investigation of the crime, leading up to prosecution of those responsible for this crime. ”

“One of the saving graces of being in this world is knowing that there are a few committed, caring people who are willing to do something despite the seemingly insurmountable odds, despite the fact that it seems like no one gives a shit – who, because they care, because they know it actually is important, they’re willing to do something. To those people, I say thank you.”

“… I’ve been involved actively in this cause since early 2002 so that’s a little more than eight years now. Over the last two or three years I really reached a point where it’s burnout, it’s too much, it’s too much trauma all the time. When you’re really working against … seemingly insurmountable odds. At the same time you’re being attacked by people who are supposedly ‘on your side’, on the same team. All the crap that goes with this, it’s a burnout. So I was smart enough to just really try to take a break and create some distance between myself and this cause over the course of a bunch of months. It was a really a good thing to do because the things that keep me alive, the things I’m really interested in, are music, art and love, not necessarily in that order. … It’s about balance, it really is, and it’s really important if you want to do a good job …

“Really, the people who are doing the most work, who really care, they tend to be really beautiful people who love the beautiful things in life. And it’s important that we don’t deprive ourselves of the beauty that’s available in this world. As ugly as it gets, as shitty as it gets, there’s a lot of beauty and love to be had in the world. And it’s important that we center ourselves in that if we really want to do a good job. … Following my heart, following what I feel is the right thing to do – as disgusting as it would get sometimes, it ultimately led me to a really good thing so I think that’s out there for people, too. Just really follow your heart and keep doing what’s right and you can make that a part of a really health life where you’re contributing to the world community.”