Tickets? The Hard Evidence Down Under Tour 2009 – Uncovering the Truth of the 9/11 Attacks

November 7, 2009
from John Brusill, The Hard Evidence Tour organizer:

Hello all,

We still have 135 (out of 292) Tickets to sell for Saturday the 14th event
and 210 (out of 292) for Sunday the 15th event.

Many of you have not bought tickets to the Sunday Event because you think it
probably won’t sell out or you didn’t know you had to? Please consider the organisers
and firm these seats now as payment on the day is a hassle and inconvenient
for all concerned!

To buy tickets for “Truth in Action” Sunday the 15th in Sydney here and please remember the steller
line up including Luke Rudkowski (Head of WeAreChange NY and founder of WAC),
Janice Matthews (Head of, Cosmos (Head of,
Ken Jenkins (911 Truth’s #1 Psychologist), Dr Frank Legge (Co-ed of the Journal
of 9/11 Studies) and Hereward Fenton (Australia’s top 9/11 Journalist)! Don’t
miss this event!

Special Ticket Offer’s

Bulk Buy Offer – buy 4 or more tickets (that’s every 4 bought) and get 1 free
(the fifth) for either Sat 14th or Sun 15th, so simply buy the tickets the normal
way then shoot me an e-mail and I will add one name (the fifth) to the free
door list!

Bring a Skeptic Offer – for FULL price ticket holders you can buy a ticket
for either events for a friend, family member or colleague that does not think
we are right about the 9/11 issue and Osama did it for the price of a concession
ticket (well they are a little disabled :)) Simply buy the ticket for the skeptic
and shoot me an email about the details etc.

Tickets can be bought here:

The Hard Evidence – Sat 14th:

Truth in Action – Sun 15th:

Kind regards John Bursill, Tour Organiser

PS – Lets fill the venue…please help in this patriotic endeavour!