To the 9/11 Truth Movement: A VITAL PLEA from Steve Alten, author of The SHELL GAME


February 15, 2008

I know you are probably getting tired/annoyed at hearing from me — my humble apologies. But something is happening in DC that EVERYONE must be aware of, because it will affect all of us:

A few days ago, Michael Chertoff, head of Homeland Security, essentially told reporters that he fears the next 9/11, which could be a suitcase nuke. Yesterday, in threatening to veto a waterboarding ban, Bush said, and I quote, “terrorists are planning new attacks on our country… that will make Sept. 11 pale by comparison.”

If this plot isn’t straight out of The SHELL GAME then you haven’t read the book. Now add this little tidbit: Presidential Directives NSPD51 & HSPD20 … essentially new Homeland security directives.

Click here: YouTube – Bush/Cheney to Attempt Possible Coup

These orders would place the United States under total Martial Law and Military Dictatorship in the event of another attack. This Executive Order allows the President to declare a National Emergency at any time, and freeze everything…including a national election. Congress is powerless to prevent such an Executive Dictatorship, as long as the President advises Congress in a timely matter.

I realize all of you have very important 9/11 projects you are working on, books and rallies, etc., but if we learned anything from 9/11 then maybe it is time to focus on the next false flag operation. By doing so, we might actually be able to reach the mass media AND bring attention to the lies behind the last event. See, the media want TODAY’S NEWS, not YESTERDAY’S. And this is today’s news that ties back to 9/11/01.

I can help you gain mainstream attention in a big way…but I need your support.

Guys, in the last 11 years I have published eight books, hit every best seller list, optioned a book as a movie (twice), sold two scripts, and have two more books set for publication in 2009. To be honest, I knew little about the 9/11 Truth Movement until sometime around October/November when The SHELL GAME went to print. I quickly realized that this loosely-connected group of people, often vilified by the media, were in fact ordinary citizens doing extraordinary things. They were the Davids facing off against the Goliaths. THEY were America’s true Patriots.

And suddenly The SHELL GAME took on a new meaning for me. Because I knew it could break through a barrier that has held your movement back. Because the book is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I also knew from insider sources that the fiction could become true.

Bush’s statement scares the shit out of me.

In publishing, success is measured by the N.Y. Times best sellers list. Hit the top 15 and your book receives special buy-ins, special placement on shelves…special media attention. It’s like launching a rocket…spots 1-15 push you into orbit. The list is the masses. It’s their shopping list. It gets published in EVERY TOP 100 newspaper every week!

Last week, because of the 9/11 movement and my fan base, The SHELL GAME hit #31 on the N.Y. Times list. This week we hit #33. It feels like the air is slowly hissing out of the balloon. DON’T LET IT!

Back when I was earning my doctorate degree at Temple University, I remember a framed saying on the wall of my advisor’s office. I must have read it a thousand times. It said, “On the Plains of Hesitation bleach the bones of countless thousands who…upon reaching the dawn of victory chose to rest…and there resting were slaughtered.”

Please do not rest. There is a huge opportunity coming as early as March 1st.

To use an analogy, the TRUTH behind 9/11 is being dammed up by the powers that be. George W. Bush Dam. Your efforts to date have been heroic and incredible, but you only caused surface cracks in the dam, nothing deep enough to reach the water on the other side and crack open the floodgates. You want to know how to crack open a dam? You keep hitting it and hitting it and hitting it as you certainly have been doing…but The SHELL GAME is a sledgehammer.

On March 1st, I begin the first of a four week book tour, this one in the DC/Virginia corridor. March 14-15 I am in West FL. March 18-23 in Philly and NYC. March 31 — April 7 Chicago and the Midwest. April 21 — 30 in California and Oregon. Each day I will have 2-3 local radio shows, a morning TV news show, and a signing at night. Many of these venues are booked at the last moment…based on (you guessed it) that darn NY Times list.

Essentially we have two weeks to boost this rocket into orbit in order to secure BIG venues like THE DAILY SHOW, ANDERSON COOPER, and DAVE LETTERMAN. It’s a small window, but the difference between #33 and #15 is about 12,000 sales in a week.

Think about that a long moment. After all you have been through. After all the time and money and harassment…If we can generate 12,000 more sales every week for a few weeks, the rocket reaches orbit and I can potentially sit before a camera facing Bill Maher and explain to him that WTC-7 wasn’t hit by a jet, so how did it happen? I can tell Bill that the 9/11 Truth people are NOT crazies, they are people like him who seek the truth. “Bill, did you know about the wargames Dick Cheney was running? Did you hear about the stand down order? Put orders? Liquid steel? Bill, the 9/11 truthers are what makes America great!!!!”

CRAAAAACK! The dam is beginning to tremble. The Daily Show…Letterman…Fox News (sure, call me a pinhead, Bill, just explain to me how a 47 floor building collapses in a vacuum without being hit?”

These interviews pave the way for NEW BOOKS & DVDs. More important, it stops the topic from being taboo!

Look at steroids in baseball. How did the issue get attention? A BOOK! Jose Canseco published a tell-all, and yesterday Roger Clemens, mister arrogant himself, was brought before a committee. And now the public knows he is guilty.

The SHELL GAME’s plot is happening as we speak. If you get behind the book, you can bring another group of arrogant, guilty people to justice before they do more harm!

Maybe this sounds too self-serving…too much about money. Let me clear the air on a few things:

I was paid $20,000 for The SHELL GAME. Five grand went to the cover designer, Erik Hollander. $3500 to my agent. The rest I spent on two 90 second book trailers and postage on all the books we sent to the movement. This isn’t about money. Oh wait… it is:

Two nights ago I received a painful call from my manager. Three different producers/investors we are pitching for one of my movies called her. After reading about my views on 9/11 on a blog they demanded to know “is Alten a nutjob or is he promoting the book? Because we have no interest in financing a movie for a nutjob.”

My manager did her best to soothe them, then called me and verbally cut off my testicles. This movie deal would pay me a million dollars (and I desperately need the deal) and here I am risking it all…my career, my deal with her as a producer…all to reach the masses on Shell Game so that America can hear the truth about 9/11 and maybe, just maybe…stop another false flag event from killing off a million Americans.

Why would YOU want to push the book?

1. The book’s success will allow you to increase your members tenfold.

2. The book’s success will break through the mainstream for other books (like David Ray Griffin’s pending new book) or DVDs (like Loose Change — Final Cut). It becomes the Jackie Robinson of the mainstream media. It makes it okay to discuss the subject.

3. It could actually EXPOSE ANOTHER 9/11 before it happens.

Am I just being paranoid? Hopefully. But this is an OP ED everyone in the movement should be sending out to every channel available because it does two things: 1) It gives the 9/11 movement fresh publicity that is TOPICAL!! 2) If there really is another false flag operation being planned, it exposes the con NOW. It’s the equivalent of posting ads and OP EDs in August 2001 about a false flag operation that will take down the WTC. If it’s out there before the event…then it gives a future investigation seeds upon which to grow. It is the ounce of prevention!


1. E-mail your constituents. You can use excerpts of this e-mail, but do NOT use this as an OP ED from me. This MUST come from you, not me. If it comes from me it is self-serving. SELL THEM on the goal. Ask them to do 2 very simple things:

a) Buy as many copies of The SHELL GAME as they can afford, but at least one each week for two weeks. Use Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Borders (these report to the NY Times). Urge them to spread the word on their own lists to do the same.

b) Ask them to call into at least one local radio show and rave about the book as a MUST-READ. Liberal or conservative talk radio, morning zoos…it doesn’t matter. Every call reaches tens of thousands of listeners…for free! Push the plot of the book AND tie it to Bush and Chertoff’s statements! EXPOSE THE CON NOW!!!

2. Now rinse and repeat. In other words, don’t do this ONCE. Contact them several times in different ways every week. Why? We only learn through REPETITION! Don’t rest on the plains of hesitation.

3. Last, I urge everyone receiving this e-mail to please post an OP ED about the next 9/11 event being seeded in the mainstream media by the Bushies. The more voices, the more people will listen. Guys, it can’t just keep coming from Bill Douglas. The guy is amazing (and he is NOT getting a dime!) but if Bill is the only one consistently posting, no one will pay attention after awhile. Take a page from Karl Rove. Same message, repeated over and over by different people!!!!


1. You can all check the Amazon ratings for The SHELL GAME. It changes 20 minutes after the hour. Actually seeing progress gets people EXCITED!
2. Every Wednesday night we’ll get the updated NY Times list.
3. Your OP EDs may just break through the media. Set a goal: 100 OP EDs by March 1st! THEN I WILL DO MY THING ON NATIONAL TV!


“The Shell Game” is a good way to create a template because I have a mass following, and a track record of best sellers. BUT, if the 9/11 truth movement can use this to create a force (just like the right wing does to drive Ann Coulter, etc.’s books to #1) . . . then the movement can see as The SHELL GAME rises on the NY Times charts and they hear me challenging the official 9/11 story on 9/11, through their work . . . that they have a power. Then this force can turn and expand to drive non-fiction 9/11 truth books and DVDs up and over the charts as they appear. David Ray Griffin’s book will soon be out, for example. If the 9/11 truth movement saw themselves with the power to drive The SHELL GAME to #1, because of their work, then when Griffin’s book appears, that machine will be in place. How empowering would that be for the movement?

Guys, it’s called TEAM WORK with A PLAN. But it must come from all of you. Make no mistake, the window of opportunity is small and shrinking. March 1st is coming fast. And perhaps something even far worse…

Two weeks worth of sustained effort.

Every member on your list buys TWO books.

Every member calls a radio show.

Every leader sends out an OP ED and you don’t stop! You keep pounding that message over and over and over again like a Swift Boat Ad… and I promise you, at some juncture, the dam will break.

Guys, this isn’t about selling a book or DVD, it’s about saving democracy.

Give this two weeks and watch what happens!

Steve Alten, Ed.D.

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