TONIGHT–Hear the FINAL Presidential Debate between Obama and McCain LIVE on No Lies Radio


Wednesday Oct 15th 5pm Pacific – 8pm Eastern

Click Here To Listen:

LIVE Tonight, Wednesday, Oct 15th at 5pm Pacific – 8pm Eastern – 00:00 GMT
Repeat Broadcast: Saturday, Oct 18th at 9am Pacific – 12noon Eastern – 16:00
Will be archived HERE after the broadcasts.

FINAL PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE: Barack Obama versus John McCain. Do not miss this
live broadcast from Hempstead, New York!!

Pacifica’s National Network Coverage: No Lies Radio will carry Pacifica
Radio Network’s broadcast of the FINAL Presidential Debate between Barack Obama
and John McCain, taking place at Hofstra University, in Hempstead, New York
on Oct 15, anchored by Larry Bensky and Aimee Allison.

Pre-show – 5-6pm PDT / 6-7pm MDT / 7-8pm CDT / 8-9pm EDT
Debate – 6:00-7:30pm PDT / 7:00-8:30pm MDT / 8:00-9:30pm CDT /9:00-10:30pm EDT
Post-show – 7:30-9:00pm PDT / 8:30-10:00pm MDT / 9:30-11:00pm CDT /10:30p-12:00m

Listen to the Debate and then consider the ALTERNATIVE PARTY PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES:
Cynthia McKinney of the Green Party, Ralph Nader of the Independent Party, Chuck
Baldwin of the Constitution Party, and Bob Barr of the Libertarian Party. Then
act to support the party of your choice and be sure to vote in November!

Not familiar with their positions or history? All the alternative parties have
been barred from this debate, but you can access:

Cynthia McKinney’s position on a wide variety of issues at

Ralph Nadar’s position at

Chuck Baldwin’s position at

Bob Barr’s position at

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