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The original video review of 9/11 Contradictions was removed from YouTube. The original transcript posted with this article remains below. An interview with David Ray Griffin discussing the book is posted below.


David Ray Griffin provides more food for thought with the release of his 5th single-author book on the events of September the 11th… 9/11 Contradictions.

Soon, we will be seven years away from an event scorched into our collective consciousness, (and collective unconscious), but for those of us who have taken the time to revisit that day in our memories and in various forms of media: audio, video, the written word… it hasn’t put seven years of distance between us and 9/11, rather, 9/11 has become a historical event known in intimate detail by students in a global, open-university setting.

DAVID RAY GRIFFIN on 9/11 CONTRADICTIONS from Justice Action Media (JAM) on Vimeo.

View looking up the exterior of one of the World Trade Center TowersThe faculty members in this university are at a certain disadvantage. Rather than working in a symbiotic manner with an academic establishment that is generally supportive of the goal of education, the faculty is not allowed access to key information which is necessary to form the curriculum, the faculty has no budget, no tenure, and if you have a general grasp of some 9/11 issues, you can hang a shingle on your door claiming that you are a professor in the university, and the genuine faculty members are stuck with you until your shaky hypothesis is thoroughly shredded by a colleague who just can’t take it anymore.

However, some of the faculty members have done quite well in this environment, and if there is a Professor of 9/11 Studies, David Ray Griffin is it. In 9/11 Contradictions, Griffin writes to the Congress and the Press, exposing a fully naked emperor and empire, and leaves no doubt that in the nearly seven intervening years since 9/11, this Professor has been staying current, and at times embodies the avant-garde of 9/11 skepticism.

Contradictions is a well-designed book, the cover has a lean contemporary feel, the content is set in a very readable typeface, with long quotations inset for easy identification, and the prose is that of an established writer with an ability to make factual deconstruction readable and enjoyable. It’s obvious that Griffin is engaged with his writing, and applies a considerable amount of thought to the formulation of his arguments.

Griffin acknowledges the help of Matthew Everett of Now History Commons, former research librarian Elizabeth Woodworth, and researcher Tod Fletcher of California, for assistance in making such a clear, readable, and useful book. I feel that I should tip my hat to them, as well.

Contradictions are the theme of the book, and as anyone who has spent an hour or a hundred hours doing research into 9/11 knows, there are plenty of contradictions to choose from.

One of the sections that resonates with implication is that devoted to the multiple stories issued by the US military, and media reports about the US military’s response to the allegedly hijacked airliners on 9/11. Arguably, the military was on notice about all of the flights in question in time for intervention, and the 9/11 Commission simply omitted any stories that called NORAD responses into question. Often, 9/11 skeptics are accused of being “revisionists”, but here, the 9/11 Commission is definitely revisionist and Orwellian, on top of that… After reading Griffin’s latest accumulation of data regarding NORAD and 9/11, Michael Bronner’s Vanity Fair piece, “9/11 Live: The NORAD Tapes”, can only be regarded as a very obvious toupee on a starkly bald head. Bronner should read Griffin’s book, and reflect on WHAT exactly he was given by NEADS. (A casual reading of the Nuremberg Principles may be inspirational in this regard.)

Revisiting 9/11 via 9/11 Contradictions is akin to traveling time
with fast-forward and reverse controls at your fingertips…

You can see Cheney scuttling beneath the White House, and discussing who-knows-what with President Bush as Bush sits on the tarmac in Florida… NOT screaming into the sky like Roger Ramjet, as Bob Woodward and Karl Rove would have us believe. Another lie like so many others that were told to us about that day.

You can see a number of cell phone calls go through from the hijacked airplanes… or did they? The FBI can only account for a fraction of the alleged cell phone calls, and did nothing to counteract the profusion of supposedly connected cell phone calls that circulated in the aftermath of 9/11. Why?

You can see the mysterious government jet that circled Washington on 9/11. Was it part of a cancelled War Game, or something more sinister? In the face of video footage that shows the jet, why does the military deny its very existence on that day?

What was the true ideological nature of the 9/11 hijackers? Were they fundamentalists or mercenaries, prone to drug use and the company of prostitutes? Why were the Bukharis identified as hijackers on 9/11, but when one of them turned up alive on 9/12, why wasn’t there a comprehensive review of the actual identities of the alleged hijackers. If one of them turned up alive, couldn’t others also be victims of identity theft, aimed specifically at Arab pilots?

The derisive and arrogant dismissals of debunkers do not calm the waters that are troubled by Griffin’s sober observations and suggestions. The host of contradictions examined in this book leave the reader with unsettling thought patterns about the nature of the Bush administration, and who was calling the shots that day. Why do the accounts of Norman Mineta and Richard Clarke, which are clear, lucid accounts, so starkly contrast with the “official” accounts of that day? Why does Cheney contradict himself?

Why do debunkers have so much time to dedicate to discrediting the questions of the 9/11 skeptics, when the object of their wrath should surely be the 9/11 Commission Report? Not since the Warren Commission report has such an obvious and blatant cover-up been hoisted on the American people, and the world, and the debunkers troll the internet for strawmen to tear apart so that the virtue of the “official” liars remains unsullied.

Remember that Contradictions is written for the Congress and the Press. Every chapter has a “conclusion” paragraph that a busy Congressman can be directed to read. Members of the Press should be encouraged to read every page.

Will a supine Congress that has been sleep walking through two terms of Military Industrial fascism suddenly sit up and take notice with the publication of this book? Will a Press that is owned by the same companies that make the War suddenly point to the Emperor and decry his naked butt?

Evidently, Griffin believes that there is hope, or he wouldn’t have written this book.

Fortunately for activists who hit the streets, hoping to wake up their neighbors, this book offers validation for their angst. For the alternative media living largely on the internet, this book offers new material and further analysis of past issues like the role of NORAD and just how many cell phone calls went through on 9/11. For those looking for just the right book to give to someone sitting on the fence about 9/11 Truth, this is hard to top.

Like too many events in recent American history, 9/11 left a lot of loose ends and supplied us with instant culprits that bear the hallmarks of patsies.

If Congress takes up this charge, will they be once again threatened with Anthrax? If reporters flesh out 9/11 Truth for the masses, will they find themselves on the Bingo and High School sports beat?

In New York, efforts are underway to set up an independent commission that will not require Congressional assistance. Around the world, in many European countries, and in Australia, Canada and Japan, questions will need to be answered, and it may take an international Commission to get the answers, unless Americans reveal the truth on their own.

To that end, this book serves a great purpose.


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