Wall Street Economic Death Squad Roundup [Reports & Videos]


November 10th, 2009
By David DeGraw

Wall Street Economic Death Squad Roundup [Reports & Videos]As most of you have noticed, we are primarily focused on covering the economic coup. We strongly feel that the theft of Trillions of taxpayer dollars by a small group of men on Wall Street is the biggest story of our time. We understand that these are very difficult times for most people and there are many pressing and vitally important issues confronting us. However, the theft of Trillions of dollars has to be the lead story every day until there are investigations and prosecutions to resolve it.

Many of the news sites that we link to on a daily basis have been covering this issue. However, these sites are not covering the issue sufficiently. There should be blazing headlines on a daily basis: ECONOMIC COUP IN THE US! TRILLIONS OF TAXPAYER DOLLARS STOLEN!

Think about all the vital issues you care about and then think about the Trillions of dollars that were stolen. How could a small fraction of that money directly affect the issues you care about most? We need to make this connection, and we need to make the theft of Trillions of dollars THE LEAD ISSUE RIGHT NOW!

Just think about how much can be done with this stolen money. The highest quality universal healthcare could be provided to everyone in the US. Every foreclosed mortgage in the US can be paid off, for that matter, it would take a fraction of the stolen money to provide a free house to every family in the US. Thousands upon thousands of jobs can be created with the stolen money. Young people who are shackled with massive student debt can have their loans paid off and we can have free higher education for everyone, not to mention a drastically improved educational system. Think about the social programs across the board that could be funded to improve our societal functions and standards of living, if we could use the stolen tax money for what it was originally intended for.

This money could be used to help combat the environmental crisis. The bottom line is that people seem to be missing the point that this stolen money could be used to actually solve many of the serious issues we are confronted with. This is not a utopian dream, the resources are available, it could be a reality, if we had the stolen tax money.

In our last Economic Death Squad video, we featured Franklin D. Roosevelt talking about an Economic Bill of Rights, he never had a chance to implement them, but if we were to recoup the Trillions that have been stolen from us, we could turn FDR’s Economic Bill of Rights into a reality.

So here we are providing you with a roundup of our coverage on the issue. We are a small operation with limited resources, but we have created several reports and two short videos to help drive home the importance.

We will start by featuring two of our videos to get the ball rolling, with more in depth reports below. Please help spread information on this issue in any way possible.


Part I: Meet the Wall Street Economic Death Squad

Part I features Congressional questioning from Representative Alan Grayson regarding trillions of dollars in Federal Reserve “off-balance sheet transactions,” with music by NIN and Jay Z.

PART II: The Greatest Theft in History

Part II features audio clips from Dylan Ratigan, Elizabeth Warren, Senator Bernie Sanders and a speech on the Economic Bill of Rights by Franklin D. Roosevelt, with music by NIN and Jay Z.


Declare Yourself; Will You Continue to Ignore the Financial Coup?Declare Yourself, It’s Time to Confront the Financial Coup

People who are aware of this need to start taking it upon themselves and take the lead, declare yourself.

Research Tools:

We have created these media materials to supplement your research. Hopefully it can be a starting point for those who are still mostly unaware. But you know your audience better, so you can figure out how to best reach them. Do whatever it takes to make people aware of this coup. We need mass awareness

Fair Use Policy: Feel free to reprint, republish or link to any of the following:

#1) News Reports from Inside the Financial Coup

Several news reports have been very revealing when it comes to the financial coup that has occurred here in the US. Here’s a special report we have compiled which features vital information concerning the takeover. [Read More]

#2) The Wall Street Economic Death Squad

Know Our Enemies, EHMs – Meet The Wall Street Economic Death Squad: Hank Paulson, Tim Geithner, Ben Bernanke, Robert Rubin, Larry Summers, Alan Greenspan, Lloyd Blankfein, Jamie Dimon, John Mack, Vikram Pandit, John Thain, Hank Greenberg, Ken Lewis. [Read More]

#3) National Emergency: Economic Coup in the USA (Audio)

AmpedStatus founder and editor David DeGraw was recently interviewed on the Peter B. Collins show. They discuss the economic coup and the devastating consequences for the US public, Obama’s failure to deliver on campaign promises, and what we can do to fight for economic justice.
[Read More]

#4) The Greatest Theft in History – Wall Street Economic Death Squad – Part II (Video)

Here’s the follow-up to our Wall Street Economic Death Squad video. The US has been hit by an economic deathblow… [Read More]

#5) 2009 US Economy: Largest Transfer of Wealth to Financial/Political Elite in Global History

Political “leadership” of the two oligarchy parties spin their economic policy as being for the public benefit. Professional economists increasingly cast economic policy in unprecedented harsh criticism, even calling for public demonstrations against what they claim as gross violations of financial law. Let’s consider current facts of high importance… [Read More]

#6) The New Wall Street Psychological Operation: “Crackdowns, Clawbacks, Regulatory Rules, Reining In Pay”

When you read the headlines about “pay czar crackdowns” and “clawbacks” and “reining in pay,” you should know that this whole Wall Street psychological operation is being run by the same man who sold us the Iraq war!
[Read More]

#7) One Person in the Mainstream Media Who Gets It: “The Greatest Theft in History!” (Videos)

When it comes to the Financial Coup in the US, Dylan Ratigan speaks truth to power in a way very few others in the mainstream media are capable of. Here’s a must see collection of his insightful video clips. [Read More]

#8) Wall Street’s Naked Swindle: How the Economic Death Squad Killed Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns

This is a brief excerpt from Matt Taibbi’s detailed reporting on the inner workings of the coup leaders during their hits on Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns. [Read More]

#9) How the US Government Blew Trillion-Dollar Trade of Century

What trader in his right mind decides to dump his money into a glorified black hole, taking on unlimited risk in the process, for minuscule returns? The banks should have been made to drop off an envelope at the taxpayer’s doorstep every month. [Read More]

#10) Economic Death Squad Strikes Again: Welcome to TARP on Steroids

The Coup Leaders hand down a new decree: the “Financial Stability Improvement Act” aka TARP on Steroids. [Read More]

#11) How Goldman Secretly Rigged the Housing Market – Economic Death Squad in Action

Goldman Sachs peddled more than $40 billion in securities backed by at least 200,000 risky home mortgages, but never told the buyers it was secretly betting that a sharp drop in US housing prices would send the value of those securities plummeting. [Read More]

#12) Remove Tim Geithner, Economic Death Squad Leader Must Be Removed from Treasury

Dylan Ratigan: Not only has the administration not fixed anything, they have made things much worse for anyone who isn’t a Wall Street banker. The process of taking back our country for all citizens must begin now. [Read More]

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