We Demand Transparency Conference – NYC September 11-13, 2009

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“We Demand Transparency”
New York City, September 11, 12 and 13, 2009

For peace, for truth and for a new economics.
A three-day conference, with an opening concert, film premieres, and a rally for the 9/11 investigation ballot referendum.

Saturday, September 12th, 10 AM – 7 PM
Sunday, September 13th, 2 PM – 10 PM

St. Marks Church-in-the-Bowery, Manhattan
E.10th St. and 2nd Ave NYC

This is the formula for building a bigger, post-partisan, mass movement for peace, truth and real economic change. This is the beginning of bridge between the “peace” and “truth” movements. It all starts in NYC, on the anniversary weekend of the 9/11 attacks!


9/11 Anniversary Concert
Friday, September 11th, Walker Stage, 8pm, 56 Walker Street, Manhattan

All-Night Concert of New Rock and Hip Hop Artists: Jordan Page, The Madeleine Haze, Sturgeon Scott (from Leftover Crack), and many others


Saturday, September 12, 10 AM – 7 PM
Featured Experts on the Real History of 9/11:

* Richard Gage, AIA (founder Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth)
* Erik Lawyer (founder, Firefighters for 911 Truth)
* Steve Alten (author, “The Shell Game”)
* Kevin Barrett (author, “Truth Jihad Against the 911 Big Lie”)
* Barry Zwicker and Ian Woods (Canadian journalists)
* Barry Kissin (critic of the FBI anthrax investigation)
* Sander Hicks (author, “The Big Wedding”, investigative journalist)
* Graham McQueen (Canadian peace and truth activist)

Saturday, September 12, 5-7 PM
Saturday Night NYC CAN Rally

With 9/11 Family Members, First Responders and Survivors, with an update on NYC CAN’s court battle to get a new investigation for 9/11 on the ballot in November. With: Bob McIlvaine – Father of 9/11 Victim Bobby McIlvaine, Member of Executive Council, NYC CAN, and William Pepper, Esq. – Prolific Attorney and Author of Act of State, Chief Counsel to NYC CAN.

Also on Saturday, September 12, 12-6 PM, in the Parish Hall
Film Premieres + Director Q&As:

* Jason Bermas (co-director, Loose Change, debuts excerpts of Invisible Empire)
* Daniel Hopsicker (debuts new film New American Drug Lords )
* Craig Ranke (director, screens National Security Alert)
* Mike Berger (director, screens Life on the Edge of the Bubble: Blowing the American Dream)

Sunday, September 13, 2 PM – 10 PM
Featured Speakers on Economics, Intelligence, and Transparency

* Ellen Brown (author, Web of Debt, feminist scholar, attorney)
* William Bergman (former Federal Reserve economist)
* Russ Baker (author of explosive new book on the Bush family, Family of Secrets)
* Robert Steele (former CIA agent, expert on Open Source Intelligence)
* Tony Gronowicz (BMCC Professor, Presenting on the Secret History of the Drug War.)

Special Panel:
Can We Build a Mass Movement to End War, and Bring about Real Transparency?

* Debra Sweet (National Coordinator, World Can’t Wait)
* Doug Wight (NYC 9/11 Truth Organizer)
* Graham McQueen (Canadian professor and peace activist.)
* Also representatives from Witness Against Torture/ Catholic Worker

President Obama promised a new “transparency” but nothing changed. We don’t know where our TARP money went, the Federal Reserve Bank refuses to be audited by Congress, and the City of New York is fighting efforts by 9/11 family members to get a new 9/11 investigation.

Transparency is a prerequisite of real democracy. The call for transparency brought down the tyranny of the Iron Curtain. “We Demand Transparency” brings together progressives and populists, patriots and peace activists. We issue a revolutionary call for a whole new model of government transparency. We are pro-truth, we are pro-peace, and we are organized across this nation.

On Saturday, 9/12, “We Demand Transparency” opens with an address from actor/activist Daniel Sunjata, and then presents the top scientific experts on the 9/11 cover-up. Richard Gage, head of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, and Erik Lawyer, founder of Firefighters for 9/11 Truth demonstrate how World Trade Center buildings 1, 2, and 7 were controlled demolitions. Evidence was destroyed quickly. Arson investigation procedures were flagrantly violated. Gage and Lawyer cover the recent peer-reviewed scientific paper, written by a panel of international scientists, that found military-grade explosive “nano-thermite” in all four tested dust samples from the World Trade Center.

Join us to hear best-selling author Steve Alten (author, The Shell Game), Interfaith organizer and radio host Kevin Barrett (author, Truth Jihad Against the 9/11 Big Lie), and Barry Kissin, attorney and critic of the government’s flimsy official story on anthrax. Canada’s top media critics Barrie Zwicker and Ian Woods hand in a high-impact power-point presentation, “”Fifty-Five False Flag Frauds and How They’ve Changed History.” New York author and investigative journalist Sander Hicks (upon whom the recent film Able Danger was based) presents “Aegis of Federal Protection: How CIA and FBI Shepherded Khalid Al-Mihdahr and Nafaf Al-Hazmi Before 9/11.”

Four new independent films will be screened in the adjoining St. Marks Parish Hall, with Q&As with the film-makers: Jason Bermas (of the Loose Change team), debuting part of Invisible Empire, Daniel Hopsicker debuting part of his New American Drug Lords, Mike Berger showing Life on the Edge of a Bubble: Blowing the America Dream and Craig Ranke debuting his National Security Alert.

The truth movement in NYC has been on the move for the past two years, gathering over 70,000 signatures to petition the City Council to allow a new 9/11 investigation question to appear on the November, 2009 NYC ballot. In July 2009, the City threw out 24,000 of these carefully validated signatures. However, the NY Supreme Court appointed a “special referee” to arbitrate the conflict, after NYC CAN sued to have the signatures re-certified.

The first day of “We Demand Transparency” ends with a two-hour rally for NYC CAN at St. Marks Church. Victims family member Bob McIlvaine, and NYC CAN attorney William Pepper (confidante of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King), discuss the on-going court battle with the City to allow democracy at the ballot box this November. Part of the proceeds from this conference will benefit NYC CAN. http://www.nyccan.org/

On Sunday, September 13, we explore uglier secrets: economic dysfunction and secrecy in the USA. Why is the Federal Reserve Bank owned by a secret cartel of private US banks? A growing coalition of voices, left, right and center, is supporting Rep. Ron Paul’s bill to “Audit the Fed.” Feminist scholar and LA attorney Ellen Brown (author, Web of Debt) shows why. She eloquently exposes the damaging effects of a fiscal policy based on massive deficits, interest payments, and fractional reserve lending. She presents alternatives by pointing to the qualities of Lincoln’s Greenback policy, or the politics of the Populist Party.

Also on Sunday: ex-CIA agent Robert Steele presents on his unique model for “Open Source Intelligence.” Former Federal Reserve economist William Bergman talks about power, cover-ups and capital flows at the bank you love to hate. Bergman was fired from the Fed for speaking up about investor financial foreknowledge of 9/11.

Investigative journalist and author Russ Baker will present new connections between President Bush (41) and the CIA, the JFK killing, and the Watergate scandal, based on Baker’s explosive new book, Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, the Powerful Forces That Put It in the White House, and What Their Influence Means for America.

Debra Sweet, National Coordinator, World Can’t Wait, and speakers from The Catholic Worker present on how to use all this information to build a mass movement for peace and equality.

On the night of 9/11/09 kick off the conference with The NYC stop of the national TRUTH TOUR! An All-Night Concert of New Rock and Hip Hop Artists: Jordan Page, The Madeleine Haze, Sturgeon Scott (from Leftover Crack), and many others, http://www.polygraphradio.com
At Walker Stage, 56 Walker Street in Tribeca $10 at the door

Tickets are $40 in advance, $60 at the door. Buy now and save $20. One ticket admits one to both days. See the blog for special rates for out-of-town groups. (The conference is using a “fair-trade” ticket selling company that does not charge excessive fees.)

Go to: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/76541 or http://changeandtransparency.blogspot.com/
Special Advance Price of $40 expires on Aug. 23.

Sander Hicks – sanderhicksdotcom [at]gmail.com
Office: 347 627 4705
Cell: 347 446 4461

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