We Remember – OKC – April 19th, 1995


Top Ten Reasons to Question the Official Story

By: Holland O. Van den Nieuwenhof

1. John Doe #2 And Other Accomplices

Timothy McVeigh is supposed to be the only one who drove the Ryder truck full of explosives up to the Murrah building and detonated it. But the government only produced one witness during McVeigh’s trial to place him in Oklahoma City. That witness, Daina Bradley, lost her children, her mother and her leg in the bombing. Under cross-examination, she admitted that she saw McVeigh with another man, the fabled John Doe #2, in the Ryder truck. Numerous ( 1 2 ) other witnesses state that they saw McVeigh with other perpetrators the day of the bombing. There are also numerous other witness accounts of McVeigh accompanied by other men during his preparation for the bombing and even when he rented the Ryder truck. In some cases, these suspects have been identified by witnesses and yet the government claims that McVeigh was the sole actor in the tragedy of April 19,

2. Why Was The ATF AWOL

Paramedic Tiffany Bible, who was on the scene within five minutes, has stated in an affidavit that agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) told her that they were not in their office that morning. EMT Katherine Mallet also overheard one ATF agent say to another, “Is that why we got the page not to come in today?”Bruce Shaw, as interviewed on KFOR-TV, was also told by ATF agents that they had been paged not to come in to work. ATF agents initially denied these claims and now variously claim that one of their agents was  in a free-falling elevator (this has been disproved), or that they had been on an all-night stakeout or that they had been at a golf tournament. As they try to sort out their lies, all we want to know is: did the ATF receive a warning, and if so, why did they not pass it on to others in the Murrah building?

3. Other Bombs Going Off

Several survivors vividly recall that the Murrah building began to tremble and pitch before the truck bomb blew off the façade of the building. JaneGraham of HUD felt an earthquake  sensation and felt the building pitch back and forth. A warning was yelled out to get under the desks, which saved the lives of Graham and everyone else in the room when everything collapsed 8-10 seconds after the initial tremors. Jack Gobin of the Dept. of Agriculture also felt an earthquake sensation and got under his desk before the collapse.Michael Hinton, a federal agent, was on a bus several blocks away when two separate blast waves nearly tilted the bus over. Given that the blast wave of an ANFO bomb travelsat 1,100 feet per second, it is inconceivable that one event could be responsible for the 10 second gap between the episodes. The seismograph at the University of Oklahoma also records two separate episodes, 10seconds apart.

4. Experts Refute The Official Story

Air Force General Benton Partin, who for years headed the Air Force Armaments Laboratory, examined evidence of the bombing and issued areport concluding that, “the massive destruction was primarily the result of four demolition charges placed at critical structural points at the third floor level.” Dr. Sam Cohen, inventor of the neutron bomb,also agrees, stating, “I believe that the demolitions charges in the building were placed inside at certain key concrete columns did the primary damage to the Murrah Federal Building,” and that, “It would have been absolutely impossible and against the laws of nature for a truck full of fertilizer and fuel oil– no matter how much was used– tobring the building down.”So who planted those charges, and why have they not been brought to justice?

5. More Bombs Found In The Building

There were several additional evacuations of the Murrah building after the initial damage due to what were later attributed to baseless bomb scares. But several witnesses have declared that real, unexploded ordnance was discovered in the wreckage of the Murrah building and that this ordnance was recovered by the bomb squad.OKC Fire MarshalDick Miller reported that a second bomb had been found with a timer set to go off ten minutes after the first explosions, apparently to target the responders.The OK Highway Patrol dispatch logs state that a second bomb was found, as does a Dept. of Defense Atlantic Command log which states that, “A second bomb was disarmed, and third bomb wasevacuated.”Nurse Toni Garret has reported that four rescue workers had told her that another bomb had been found set to detonate ten minutes after the first detonations.The officialstory says that these bomb scares were due to a suspicious briefcase, a gimmick alarm clock or an inert training device used by the ATF. Recently OETA, the public broadcasting channel in Oklahoma, reported that the bomb scares were contrived in order to make the media pullback from the scene, even though many victims were abandoned duringthese evacuations. As the various agencies and mainstream media outlets try to sort out their stories, all we ask is: who planted these bombs and why is the government lying about them?

6. Informants Told The Government The Murrah Building Was Going To Be Bombed

ATF informant Carol Howe had infiltrated Elohim City, a white separatist community in eastern Oklahoma, in the months before the bombing.She reported to her handlers that extremists were plotting to bomb federal buildings and assassinate government officials and that they were making reconnaissance trips to OKC.She has named AndreasStrassmeier, Michael Brescia, Dennis Mahon and Peter and Tony Ward as probable accomplices to Tim McVeigh. It should be noted that McVeigh placed a phone call to Andreas Strassmeier at Elohim City shortly before the bombing.Her testimony was ruled inadmissible and an ABC 20/20 special on her story was cancelled following a callmade to ABC by the Dept. of Justice, according to the show’s producer.Furthermore another informant, Cary Gagan, was granted a letter of immunity by the Dept. of Justice for his work in reporting on aterrorist group that was plotting to destroy the Alfred P. Murrah Building. He warned his handlers that he had been delivering explosives for this group and that he had been sent on scouting missions to the Murrah building.

7. Foreknowledge

A U.S. Army nurse reported to the Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee that a call was placed to her office at Walter Reed Army Hospital three or four days before the bombing. The “Pentagon– orcongressional liaison to the Governor of Oklahoma’s office” requestedinformation on the “triage for victims of blast overpressure.” Thenurse’s supervisor corroborates this statement. This was followed up bya second phone call to a Colonel in the office who has refused torelease the notes of the conversation. The colonel was never subpoenaed nor were the phone records for the governor’s office. Just what was this liaison to the state government preparing for?

8. Bomb Squad At The Federal Courthouse Before The Bombing

Randall Yount met an acquaintance of his at the bombing scene who was a member of the OK Co. Bomb Squad. This man told Yount, “Yeah, we’ve beendown here since early this morning looking. We got word there was going to be a bomb, and we thought it was going to be at the courthouse.We went over and couldn’t find anything.”ReneeCooper, Attorney Dan Adomitis, J.D. Reed with the Ok. Co. Assessor’s Office, Norma Joslin of the Ok. Co. Board of Elections and private investigator Claude Criss all report seeing the bomb squad at the federal courthouse that morning, before the bombing.

9. The Extra Leg

According to Stephen Jones, McVeigh’s attorney, State Medical Examiner Vernon Jordan has stated, “We have eight people with traumatically amputated left legs, and we have nine left legs.” Dr.Jordan also added that the chances that someone was buried with two right legs to be zero. Chief Pathologist for Northern Ireland T.K. Marshall had performed autopsies on 2,500 bombing victims in his time and has stated, “There is never an unknown victim.” One must assume that this leg belonged to a perpetrator close enough to the bombfor his body to be “disrupted” to such an extent, leaving only a leg behind. So who was this person?

10. What Is On The Surveillance Tapes

There were dozens of video surveillance cameras that recorded what was going on the morning of the bombing, yet almost none of these have beenreleased and none show what transpired with the Ryder truck at the Murrah building.Most recently, the government has claimed that all the cameras pointed at the Murrah building, in many differentbuildings and maintained by different offices and businesses, were having their tapes changed at the same time, 9:02 a.m.This is ludicrous, and insulting to the memory of those who perished in the bombing. What do they have to hide?

Photo of OKC Wall Writings
Demand the release of the surveillance tapes!

Many of these questions could be put to rest by the release of the dozens of security tapes in and around the Murrah building on April 19, 1995. These tapes were seized by the FBI immediately after the bombing and only a select few have been released to the public. Furthermore, dozens more are known to have been seized from convenience stores along the route of the Ryder truck from Kansas to Oklahoma. If there is nothing to hide, all the perpetrators brought to justice and the case closed, why does the government continue to hold these tapes under the seal of “national security?”

Speak and write to your local and national representatives to ask for the release of these tapes which will ultimately let the American people decide for themselves if the official account of the bombing is true or not. And if it is not true, we must demand accountability for those who lied. Accountability is the only way to ensure that attacks like these do not happen again. And it is the only way to honor the 168 men, women and children whose lives were cut short that day.

Do your own research. Ask questions.

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In memory of
Colton and Chase
Aaron and Elijah

More information on the surveillance tapes and Kenneth Trentadue:

Kenneth Trentadue was murdered in the Oklahoma City Federal Transfer Center in August, 1995. The authorities ruled it a suicide. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we explore the incredible story of Jesse Trentadue, Kenney’s brother, who has spent the last two decades working to find out what really happened to his brother–and how it connects to the Oklahoma City Bombing. Episode 182 — Requiem for the Suicided: Kenneth Trentaduehttp://www.corbettreport.com/episode182-kenneth-trentadue/

A 2007 Mother Jones report on the Kenneth Trentadue story that reveals many of the details of the incredible cover-up of the Kenneth Trentadue murder–that still disparages people who believe the government was complicit in the bombings as “conspiracy theorists.” MotherJones.com

Email from Jesse Trentadue sent April 10, 2011

At 3:30 PM on May 11, 2011, Federal Judge Clark Waddoups will hear arguments on whether the FBI should be required to search for and turn over video tapes taken on the morning of April 19, 1995, by surveillance cameras mounted on the exterior of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. According to the attached government document, these tapes show the bomb that destroyed the Murrah Building detonating “3 minutes and 6 seconds after the suspects exited the truck.”

The issue before Judge Waddoups is simple but important: Under the Freedom of Information Act, is it enough for the FBI to say that it has looked for but cannot find these tapes? The FBI’s position is that all the Freedom of Information Act requires is that the Bureau search for those tapes, and that it has no obligation to find and produce the tapes.

This “we looked but could not find” approach is being asserted by the FBI to requests by American citizens for documents/records under the Freedom of Information Act when those materials are potentially embarrassing to the government. This case is the perfect vehicle to test the legality of that response by the Bureau because it is undisputed that the FBI has possession of those tapes, and the notion that this evidence cannot be found is simply not credible. If you have the time, your attendance at the hearing would be appreciated.

Meanwhile, here is a story on the case before Judge Waddoups: Biggovernment.com

Thank you.


We Remember


For more information about the bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City on April 19th, 1995, please see: Final Report on the Bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Building.

The Bombing

On April 19, 1995, around 9:03 a.m., just after parents dropped their children off at day care at the Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City, the unthinkable happened.

A massive bomb inside a rental truck exploded, blowing half of the nine-story building into oblivion.

A stunned nation watched as the bodies of men, women, and children were pulled from the rubble for nearly two weeks. When the smoke cleared and the exhausted rescue workers packed up and left, 168 people were dead in the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil.

The 168 victims killed in the April 19, 1995, bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Building included babies and grandparents, workers at their first days on the job and those on the verge of retirement.

One woman was seven months pregnant with her first child. Another had had her wedding four days earlier. One baby had celebrated her first birthday the day before. In addition to those who lost their lives, 500 people were injured. Countless others lost friends and relatives.

Lucio Aleman Jr., 33
Federal Highway Administration safety coordinator

Teresa Antoinette Alexander, 33
Nurse’s assistant, died while getting a Social Security card for her son

Richard Arthur Allen, 46
Social Security claims representative

Ted Leon Allen, 48
Economic development specialist for HUD

Baylee Almon,1
One of 17 children killed at America’s Kids daycare center. A picture of her in a firefighter’s arms won the Pulitzer Prize.

Rebecca Anderson, 37
Nurse, killed trying to rescue injured victims after the blast.

Diane Elaine Hollingsworth Althouse, 45
HUD program assistant

Pamela Denise Argo, 36
Hospital worker doing paperwork at the Social Security office

Saundra Gail “Sandy” Avery, 34
Social Security office clerk

Peter Robert Avillanoza, 56
HUD supervisor

Calvin Battle, 62, and his wife,Peola Battle, 56
Killed while visiting the Social Security office

Danielle Nicole Bell, 1
Attending daycare

Oleta Christine Biddy, 54
Social Security representative

Shelly Bland, 25
Asset forfeiture specialist for the Drug Enforcement Administration

Andrea Y. Blanton, 33
HUD clerk

Olen Burl Bloomer, 61
U.S. Department of Agriculture budget assistant

Sgt. Lola Renee Bolden, 40
Army recruiting officer

James Everette Boles, 50
Department of Agriculture administrative officer

Mark Allen Bolte, 28
Federal Highway Administration environmental specialist

Cassandra Booker, 25
Was applying for Social Security cards for her twin sons

Carol L Bowers, 53
Social Security operations supervisor

Peachlyn Bradley, 3
Died while accompanying her mother, grandmother and brother to the Social Security office. The brother, 4-month-old Gabreon Bruce, and grandmother, Cheryl Hammons, 44, a nurse’s assistant, also died.

Woody Brady, 41
Self-employed book publisher, was visiting the credit union

Cynthia Lynn Campbell Brown, 26
Special agent for the U.S. Secret Service

Paul Gregory Broxterman, 42
HUD criminal investigator

Kimberly Ruth Burgess, 29
Federal Employees Credit Union administrative assistant

David Neil Burkett, 47
HUD financial analyst

Donald Earl Burns Sr.,63
HUD construction analyst

Karen Gist Carr, 32
Advertising assistant for the Army recruiting office

Michael Joe Carrillo, 44
Department of Transportation regional director

Rona Linn Chafey, 36
Drug Enforcement Agency worker

Zackary Taylor Chavez, 3
Attending daycare

Sharon Louise Wood Chesnut, 47 Social Security claims representative

Robert Chipman, 51
Was a financial analyst for the Oklahoma Water Resources Board located across the street from the federal building

Kimberly Kay Clark, 39
HUD legal assistant

Peggy Clark, 42
Department of Agriculture worker

Antonio Ansara Cooper Jr.
6 months, daycare attendee

Christopher Cooper, 2
Daycare attendee, killed with his mother, Dana LeAnne Cooper, 24, the director of America’s Kids daycare center.

Harley Richard Cottingham, 46
Special agent for the Department of Defense

Kim Robin Cousins, 33
HUD program assistant

Aaron M Coverdale, 5
Daycare attendee. His brother, Elijah, 2, was also killed at the center

Jaci Rae Coyne, 1
Attending daycare

Kathy Cregan, 60
Social Security service representative

Richard Leroy Cummins, 55
Department of Agriculture senior investigator

Stephen Douglas Curry, 44
General Services Administration building inspector

Brenda Faye Daniels, 42
Teacher at daycare center

Benjamin Laranzo Davis, 29
Clerk in the U.S. Marine Corps recruiting station

Diana Lynn Day, 38
HUD housing coordinator

Peter Leslie DeMaster, 44
Special agent for the Defense Department

Castine Deveroux, 49
Program support assistant at HUD

Sheila R. Gigger Driver, 28
College student visiting the credit union

Tylor Eaves, 8 months
Attending daycare

Ashley Megan Eckles, 4
Was killed along with grandparents Luther and LaRue Treanor in the Social Security office

Susan Jane Ferrell, 37
HUD attorney

Carrol June Fields, 48
Drug Enforcement Agency office assistant

Katherine Ann Finley, 44
Federal Employees Credit Union worker.

Judy Joann Fisher, 45
HUD office clerk.

Linda L Florence, 43
Secretary at HUD

Donald Lee Fritzler, 64, and his wife Mary Anne Fritzler, 57
Killed while checking on his retirement benefits at the Social Security office

Tevin D’Aundrae Garrett, 1
Attending daycare

Laura Jane Garrison, 61
Hospital clerk, picking up retirement forms at the Social Security office

Jamie Lee Genzer, 32
Federal Employees Credit Union loan officer

Margaret Goodson, 54
Claims representative for the Social Security Administration

Kevin Lee Gottshall II, 6 months
Attending daycare

Ethel Louise Griffin, 55
Social Security service representative

Juretta Colleen Guiles, 59
HUD worker

Randolph Guzman, 28
Executive officer of the Marine Corps recruiting center

Kayla Marie Haddock, 3
Attending daycare

Ronald Vernon Harding, 55
Social Security service representative

Thomas Lynn, Hawthorne Sr., 52
Local tire company worker, killed while picking up paperwork at the Social Security office

Doris Adele Higginbottom, 44
Purchasing agent for the Department of Agriculture

Anita Hightower, 27
A secretary, was killed while at her desk in a building across the street from the Alfred P. Murrah federal building

Thompson Eugene Hodges Jr., 54
HUD supervisor

Peggy Louise Jenkins Holland, 37
Computer specialist for the U.S. Army recruiting center

Linda Coleen Housley, 53
Loan officer at the Federal Employees Credit Union

George Michael Howard, 45
HUD development director

Wanda Lee Howell, 34
Daycare attendant

Robin Ann Huff, 37
Loan officer at the Federal Employees Credit Union

Anna Jean Hurlburt, 67, and her husband, Charles Hurlburt, 73
Both killed while checking on retirement benefits at the Social Security office

Paul Douglas Ice, 42
U.S. Customs Service special agent

Christi Yolanda Jenkins, 32
Federal Employees Credit Union teller

Norma Jean Johnson, 62
Secretary at the Department of Defense

Raymond Johnson, 59
Volunteer at the Social Security office

Larry James Jones, 46
Computer programmer with the Department of Transportation

Alvin Junior Justes, 54
Retired government employee, killed while at the Federal Employees Credit Union

Blake Ryan Kennedy, 1
Attending daycare

Carole Sue Khalil ,50
Department of Agriculture clerk

Valerie Jo Koelsch, 33
Marketing director at the Federal Employees Credit Union

Carolyn Ann Kreymborg, 57
HUD clerk

Teresa Lea Lauderdale, 41
Secretary at HUD

Catherine Mary Leinen, 47
Collection officer at HUD

Carrie Ann Lenz, 26
Legal technician at the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Donald R Leonard, 50
Special agent for the Secret Service

Lakesha Levy, 21
Who was in the U.S. Navy, died while picking up her Social Security card

Dominique London R., 2
Attending daycare

Rheta Ione Bender Long, 60
Program clerk at the Department of Agriculture

Michael Lee Loudenslager, 48
General Services Administration planner

Aurelia Donna Luster, 43, and her husband, Robert Lee Luster Jr., 45
Were killed while visiting the Social Security office

Mickey Bryant Maroney, 50
Secret Service special agent

James Kenneth Martin, 34
Civil engineer for the Department of Transportation

Gilbert Xavier Martinez, 35
Pastor, died while visiting the Social Security office

Tresia Jo Mathes-Worton, 28
Federal Employees Credit Union teller

James Anthony McCarthy, 53
HUD director

Kenneth Glenn McCullough, 36
Special agent for the Drug Enforcement Agency

Betsy Janice McGonnell, 47
HUD clerk

Linda Gail Griffin McKinney, 47
Office manager at the Secret Service office

Cartney McRaven, 19
Was at the Social Security office to report the change of her last name. She had been married four days before the blast.

Claude Arthur Medearis, 41
Senior special agent for the U.S. Customs office

Claudette Meek, 43
Federal Employees Credit Union vice president.

Frankie Ann Merrell, 23
Federal Employees Credit Union teller

Derwin Wade Miller, 27
Social Security claims representative

Eula Leigh Mitchell, 64
Was at the Social Security office filling out retirement forms

John Clayton Moss III, 50
Head of advertising for the U.S. Army recruiting office

Patricia “Trish” Ann Nix, 47
HUD financial analyst

Jerry Lee Parker, 45
Engineer for the Department of Transportation

Jill Diane Randolph, 27
Certified public accountant for the Federal Employees Credit Union

Michelle Ann Reeder, 33
Administrative assistant at the Department of Transportation

Terry Smith Rees, 41
HUD program director

Mary Leasure Rentie, 39
HUD housing specialist.

Antonio C Reyes, 55
Equal opportunity specialist for HUD

Kathy Ridley, 24
A student, was killed while visiting an office building across the street from the federal building

Trudy Rigney, 31
Worked for the Oklahoma Water Resources Board located across the street from the federal building

Claudine Ritter, 48
Collection officer at the Federal Employees Credit Union

Christine Nicole Rosas, 22
Receptionist at the Federal Employees Credit Union.

Sonja Lynn Sanders, 27
Federal Employees Credit Union teller.

Lanny Lee David Scroggins, 46
Accountant for the HUD office

Kathy Lynn Seidl, 39
Investigative assistant at the Secret Service office

Leora Lee Sells, 57
Secretary at the HUD office

Karan Denise Shepherd, 27
Loan officer at the Federal Employees Credit Union

Chase Dalton Smith, 3
Attending daycare.

Colton Smith, 2
Attending daycare.

Victoria Lee Sohn, 36
U.S. Army recruiting office worker

John Thomas Stewart, 51
HUD worker

Dolores Marie Stratton , 51
Personnel clerk at the U.S. Army recruiting office.

Emilio Tapla, 50
Picking up disability check at the Social Security office.

Victoria Jeanette Texter, 37
Worker at the Federal Employees Credit Union.

Charlotte Thomas, 43
Was a clerk at the Social Security office.

Michael George Thompson, 47
Field representative for the Social Security office

Virginia Mae Thompson, 56
Worker at the Federal Employees Credit Union

Ricky Lee Tomlin, 46
Special agent for the Department of Transportation

LaRue Ann Treanor, 55, and her husband, Luther Hartman Treanor, 61
Killed at Social Security office while checking on retirement benefits

Larry Laverne Turner, 42
Special agent for the Department of Defense

Jules Alfonso Valdez, 51
HUD program manager

John Karl Vaness III, 67
Appraiser for HUD

Johnny Allen Wade, 42
Engineer for the Department of Transportation

David Jack Walker, 54
Environmental officer for HUD

Robert Nolan Walker Jr., 52
Social Security claims representative

Wanda Lee Watkins, 49
Clerk in the U.S. Army recruiting office

Michael D. Weaver, 45
HUD attorney

Julie Marie Welch, 23
Social Security claims representative

Robert Glen Westberry, 57
Special agent at the Department of Defense

Alan Gerald Whicher, 40
Secret Service special agent

Jo Ann Whittenberg, 35
Program support assistant at HUD

Frances Ann Williams, 48
Secretary at HUD

Scott Dwain Williams, 24
Seafood salesman, was killed while making a delivery at the federal building

William Stephen Williams, 42
Operations supervisor at the Social Security office

Clarence Eugene Wilson, 49
HUD worker.

Ronota Ann Woodbridge, 31
Engineer for the Department of Transportation

John Albert Youngblood, 52
Special agent with the Department of Transportation

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