WeAreChangeLA questions LAPD Chief William Bratton about Bin Laden, Black Ops and Israeli Intelligence


On October 27, 2008, WeAreChangeLA’s Jeremy Rothe-Kushel was on hand to cover an event with William Bratton, the Chief of the LAPD. Bratton was at a Townhall LA event at the Omni Hotel in Downtown LA to give a talk entitled “Crime and Your Bottom Line.” Although Bratton was there to focus on the future of the LAPD in relationship to development and crime-prevention, there was still a media buzz humming about an article Bratton had penned a week earlier with ‘terrorism expert’ R.P. Eddy in the NY Daily News. http://www.nydailynews.com/opinions/2008/10/21/2008-10-21_osama_bin_lade…

The article, entitled “Osama Bin Laden wants a vote, so beware a late October surprise,” warned that if “Bin Laden wants to engineer a late-October surprise in 2008, an attack on a significant American economic target may be one of the most tempting opportunities he has had in recent years.” In addition to asserting that “U.S. intelligence is worried” because a “2007 National Intelligence Estimate said that Al Qaeda has reconstituted and may again be capable of hitting the U.S. mainland,” the article also claimed that “Bin Laden may have already begun to weigh in on our coming elections,” because in September, “Al Qaeda launched an assault against the American Embassy in Yemen.”

Bratton, who had worked under Rudolph Giuliani at the helm of NYPD in the 90’s pursuing the “broken windows” policy, became LAPD Police Chief in 2002. He came to the LAPD directly out of a strong working relationship with Kroll Inc. (see: http://fluxrostrum.blogspot.com/2007/05/who-killed-john-oneil.html).

Kroll, a “global risk consulting company,” is sometimes referred to as the “CIA of Wall Street.” However, most educated people know that the CIA itself is the “CIA of Wall Street.” Kroll appears to be a group that brings CIA, Mossad and other intelligence networks together with private ‘security’ contractors. (Ed. note: See the excellent film, “Who
Killed John O’Neill”
for much more on this and other such relationships–online at http://wkjo.com/.)

Bratton’s relationship with Kroll brings up serious questions about a potential conflict of interests, since Kroll is the ongoing ‘independent’ monitor of the LAPD’s federal consent decree it was placed under after the Rampart division corruption scandal and the mini police riot at the 2000 Democratic National Convention. Additionally, and even more disturbing, Kroll appears to be at the nexus of a group of characters who are logical suspects for their potential complicity in the 9/11/01 black op. Kroll took on primary
management responsibilities for security at the World Trade Center after the ’93 bombing, about the same time that Kroll was picked up by insurance giant AIG.

With the prima facie evidence put forth by the over 500 architects and engineers at Richard Gage AIA’s organization “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth” (www.ae911truth.org), of criminal controlled demolitions of WTC buildings 1, 2 and 7 on 9/11/01, Kroll would be a leading suspect for criminal negligence, at the very least, for the security ‘breakdowns’ that would have allowed a group to rig the buildings. (see “A Proposal for Proving Controlled Demolition in a Civil Negligence Suit Against the Security Groups Responsible for the WTC” at http://www.911blogger.com/node/14316)

In addition to Maurice and Jeffrey Greenberg, the father and son team of executives of AIG and Marsh McClellan (Kroll’s current parent company) fame, a few crucial players in all of this might include Michael Cherkasky- the CEO of Kroll during 9/11 and a key player at the Manhattan DA office during its ‘investigations’ into the criminally-connected BCCI bank and the intelligence-sponsored ’93 WTC attack- and Jerome Hauer- the managing director of Kroll on 9/11 who gave FBI patriot John O’Neil the security job at the WTC that ultimately killed him, and a participant in a bio-weapon terror drill “Dark Winter” that mirrored the anthrax attacks months before they took place.

Hauer, who was Bratton’s closest working associate at Kroll, was seen on CBS news with Dan Rather in the hours after the destruction of the WTC, explaining matter-of-factly how the plane impacts and jet fuel logically led to the almost total annihilation of the WTC. Even “plane and fire” defender Zdenek P. Bazant begins his paper “Mechanics of Progressive Collapse: Learning from World Trade Center and Building Demolitions (http://www.civil.northwestern.edu/people/bazant/PDFs/Papers/466.pdf)” by admitting that “no experienced structural engineer watching the attack expected the WTC towers to collapse.” Hauer, in all likeliness, is either a savant or a perpetrator.

An additional Kroll character to make note of is Frank Wisner Jr., the son of CIA main man Frank Wisner who helped form and name the CIA’s national and international propaganda and disinformation channels as a “Mighty Wurlitzer.”

Bratton, early in his talk, said that we are engaged in “a continuing War on Terrorism that began… on September 11th and will continue, unfortunately, for the rest of our lives and, probably for the lives of the children of the children in this room.” This language closely mirrors the language of Cheney’s “Hundred Year War” and Cherkasky’s talk in the weeks after 9/11 that “the war will be long-term” and “it will be worldwide.”

After his talk and a Q+A session, Bratton participated in a brief press conference. Jeremy asked the first question and started it with this statement: “Chief Bratton, Jeremy Rothe-Kushel with WeAreChangeLA Citizen’s Media. You rightly asserted that terrorism is really the most disruptive in terms of business, as we saw after 9/11, except for  businesses like security, insurance, armaments, stuff like that.”

Jeremy proceeded to ask Bratton, in relationship to the article he wrote and the long chain of semi-cryptic ‘warnings,’ by figures such as Colin Powell, Joe Biden, Madeline Albright and Michael Chertoff whose heels he had followed on, to respond to former CIA case officer Bob Baer’s thinking that Bin Laden is dead.

Bratton responded by saying that “if Bin Laden is dead, that’s news, I think, to most of the intelligence community, with the exception of your source. So, I don’t know where he’s getting his information. That’s his belief and good luck to him. But we’re still operating, including myself, under the assumption that he’s alive and well in a cave someplace probably in Pakistan.”

After stating that he always takes Baer with a grain of salt–although in this case Baer is most likely correct–Jeremy asked this follow-up question: “Close collaboration with intelligence communities makes a lot of people concerned about the idea of covert operations, black ops, false-flag terrorism. We saw the bombing of the U.S. embassy in Yemen–which Chertoff recognized Yemen as a troubling area in terms of terrorism–we saw that that bombing on September 17th by ‘Islamic Jihad’ with connections to ‘Al-Qaeda,’ was actually connected with Israeli intelligence. So, do you have any concerns about our connections with Israeli intelligence or other intelligence agencies, in terms of the long-known track record of doing covert operations and blaming them on Arabs?”

Bratton responded, without disputing Jeremy’s claims about the Israeli intelligence connections to the U.S. embassy bombing in Yemen or the “long-known track record” of covert operations blamed on Arabs, with this statement: “I have no concern about our cooperation with Israeli intelligence. They are our allies. They are some of the best at what they do in the world. And that close relationship has been one of growing strength and importance. And my assumption is, whoever the next president is, that that relationship with Israel, and its intelligence community, will remain the same.”

From most early indicators, Bratton appears to have been right on target about this “close relationship.” Happily, he was wrong about a ‘Bin Laden’ October Surprise. However, with the recent Mumbai terror incident being labeled as “India’s 9/11,” Bratton’s ‘predictions’ are quite relevant.

For information about the history of the evolving U.S./Israeli intelligence relationship, especially over the matter of covert operations past and present, see this illustrative article: “The USS Liberty and U.S./Israeli Covert Cooperation” at http://www.911blogger.com/node/15999

video: Jeremy Rothe-Kushel
edit: Jeremy Rothe-Kushel
music: Shumonik

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