Week of Truth: April 16-22– A Historic National 9/11 Truth Effort to Break the Media Blockade!


by Bill Douglas

Last Monday, March 31st, a historic event occurred. A conference call was held that involved a list of great American heroes, who have put everything on the line to protect their nation’s democracy. It was meaningful this occurred the same month as HBO’s release of John Adams.

A decision was made — April 16-22nd will be a WEEK of TRUTH !!

All are invited to get involved, by spreading the word on this event, as well as participating in the national “buy-in for truth week,” to finally break thru the corporate media blockade of 9/11 questions, at www.WeekofTruth.org

“. . . they [the majority of Americans] shall come to realize what I now realize… that the 9/11 Truth Movement are the real patriots in 21st century America!”
— Steve Alten, New York Times Best Selling author of “The Shell Game”

911 Leaders

“Alone we can do so little . . . together . . . so much.”
— Helen Keller

This auspicious group came together to strategize how to collect the many powerful aspects of the growing movement pushing for answers to the endless unanswered questions around 9/11’s attacks, into one mass focused week of action. The goal . . . to break through the years of frustration with the (media) fourth estate’s betrayal of American democracy through their ongoing censoring of the questions regarding the increasingly obvious official myth of 9/11, which defies physics, logic, and FAA/DOD protocol.

As I sat in on this historic call, for me, it was reminiscent of how it must have felt to sit in on the Continental Congress over two-centuries ago. Where ordinary men and women cast into a struggle that they reluctantly accepted their role in, a struggle which threw their careers, livelihood, and very lives into doubt and chaos . . . yet who believed in principles of truth & justice, so much that they could not turn away.

All are invited to join this historic effort at: www.WeekofTruth.org and also are urged to spread the word widely and quickly as the group emphasizes that April 16, is nearly upon us, and all who seek 9/11 truth need to know about this collective national effort to break the media blockade.

This group that met late on that Monday evening, were in the tradition of Jefferson, John & Abigail Adams, Franklin. For in my opinion these modern heroes are our modern equivalent of such figures. As I sat in on this historic conference, the names announcing and coming together, many meeting one another for the first time although their historic work preceded them, was indeed profound. I listened as attendees introduced themselves, knowing of the great work they had done:

– Richard Gage; Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth
– Kevin Ryan; former Underwriter Labs manager/whisteblower
– Professor Steven Jones; Scholars for 911 Truth & Justice Founder
– Paul Craig Roberts; Past editor Wall Street Journal/Columnist for The National Review
– Peter Phillips; Director of Project Censored
– Dylan Avery; Producer/Director “Loose Change — The Final Cut”
– Bob McIlvaine; Father of Bobby — Fighter for 9/11 Truth
– Daniel Sunjata; Star of “Rescue Me” TV Series — 9/11 activist
– Luke Rudkowski; A Founding Member of WeAreChange
– Jack Blood; Radio Host Who Challenged Tim Russert on 9/11 Questions
– Kyle Hence; 9/11 Press for Truth Director/Citizen’s Watch Founder
– Carol Brouillet; Organizer of 1st National 911 Truth Conference in San Francisco
– Janice Matthews; Director of 911Truth.org
– Jarek Kupsc; Director of the film “Reflecting Pool”
– Jon Gold; 911Blogger Columnist
– Jonathan Mark; FlyByNews
– Ken Jenkins; Co-Organizer of the 1st National 9/11 Truth Conference/Filmmaker
– Les Jamieson; New York 9/11 Founding Activist
– Michael Jackman; Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth Founding Member
– Michael Wolsey; Visibility911.com Founder
– Mark Peters; Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth Founding Member
– Justin Martell; Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth Founding Member
– Mike Berger; 911Truth.org Media–Spoke to America on CNN in March, 2006
– Paul Deslauriers; 911truth.org grassroots coordinator
– Paul Krik, Filmmaker, “Able Danger: The Movie”
– Peter Garritano; Vermont911 Founding Member
– Reprehensor; 911Blogger.com

The goal of this meeting was to utilize tools to break through the media blockade that is the betrayal of our fourth estate in America, which endangers our democracy. The glaring questions of 9/11, are so vast and disturbing that for our media to continue to ignore them could mean the end of the hope of our democratic experiment founded so long ago at similar meetings of ordinary Americans who moved through their fears to found that experiment.

Editor’s Note: Update 4/15/08, from Janice Matthews: 911Truth.org would like to clarify that the opinions expressed here are those of the article’s author, not necessarily of the steering committee of 911truth.org. We fully support the effort to break through corporate media, and believe the Week of Truth can be a very powerful effort, particularly as we go forward with this and effect change through future actions. We further believe that coalescing the energy of the vast truth movement with coordinated actions is a critical effort right now–this is a unique opportunity to do so. We also acknowledge that some of the language, “modern heroes,” has now been viewed as inflammatory by those whose names are not mentioned, and some claims here considered “exaggerated” by activists who were not on this original call. This call was open to EVERYONE, and those invited were asked to forward the invitation to others. No one was purposefully omitted from this gathering, and we encourage EVERYONE to participate in future discussions of what specific efforts we should undertake for future Week of Truth actions. Now … let’s get back to work! Thank you,

The first event of this historic effort is being called “Week of Truth Buy-In.”

A New York Times best selling novelist, Steve Alten, spent the last two years researching his latest thriller . . . however this book is so much more than a novel, for it weaves within it facts from years of research that expose the under belly of false flag terror, election manipulation, stripping of American liberties, and the use of war to subvert our nation’s movement toward a green economy.

An action plan was formulated on this historic evening, which would give us a chance to break the 9/11 truth media blockade using this explosive historical-novel. Alten’s interview on National CBS Radio which exposed 9/11 truth issues to millions of listeners in one night, probably most hearing them for the first time, has gained great respect from those dedicated to getting the truth about 9/11. 5 minute excerpt of the CBS Radio interview: http://theshellgame.net/interview.mp3

It is said that “sports” is the great equalizer, because no matter what color you are, if you perform, you play. Well, The New York Times best seller list, is the great equalizer in terms of truth. If a book sells the requisite number of copies, it gets on the top 10 list. If it gets on the top 10 list, it’s author gets on corporate media. This is uncensorable!

”The Shell Game,” author stunned millions of Americans recently when he appeared on National CBS Radio, and began to finally enable the average American to hear a real discussion of the burning unanswered questions around 9/11, that are screaming for investigation. In this historic interview, Alten laid his career on the line, to speak on the mysterious multiple War Games of 9/11 which dis-enabled our FAA and Air Force from protecting NYC and DC on 9/11.

He spoke of stock put options made by “someone who knew 911 would occur before it did,” and how the FBI manager who prevented agents from investigating the attacks before 9/11 was then promoted for doing so. Alten spoke about World Trade Center 7, which was hit by no plane, yet inexplicably collapsed on 9/11. He asked why the WTC forensic debris was illegally shipped overseas to be destroyed before a full investigation could occur.

On April 16 to 22nd, you can honor this effort. You can participate in the “Week of Truth Buy-In” to drive “The Shell Game” to the top 10 of the New York Times best seller list, and to FORCE 9/11 truth into the national dialogue. www.WeekofTruth.org

There is an urgency! Former weapons inspector Scott Ritter, and columnist Seymor Hirsch both urgently point to April as the time when the neocons plan to attack Iran. The Father of Reaganomics, Paul Craig Roberts expressed fears publicly that another false flag 9/11 type event could precede and initiate that attack on Iran.

We must move fast! Japanese Senator Fujita, speaking worldwide has urged those who know that 9/11 was an inside job, to quickly move BEYOND THE INTERNET, to educate the mass public. “The Shell Game” has fallen into our lap at a time that may enable us to do that, in spite of the fourth estate’s best efforts to suppress the questions around 9/11, and the issue of false flag terror. This why Monday’s conference of historic figures in the struggle for truth have formed “The Week of Truth Buy-In” (April 16-22)

“The Shell Game reveals in fiction the dark truth of government sponsored false flag terrorist attacks. This read may be a Trojan horse of reality – a final wake-up call to slumbering Americans – to examine and to expose the secret agenda of their own government before they no longer have the right to do so.”

— Richard Gage, AIA, Architect

At “The Shell Game” s website a “911 Links” section offers links to most major 9/11 truth websites, and also the below explosive and prescient 90 second trailer, that warns of a coming White House directed false flag attack on America, to fool our nation into war with Iran.

You can help avert such a war, by sharing this trailer widely, posting it everywhere, along with this oped, and appealing to all you can to participate in this historic “Week of Truth Buy-In.” When “The Shell Game” hits the top 10 of the NY Times list it could lead millions of eyes to google “the shell game” and they’ll find links to 9/11 sites.

We have an opportunity from April 16-22nd, to alter history. Together we can do this, but you must start spreading the word on “The Week of Truth Buy-In” now.

Below is the website to this effort www.WeekofTruth.org:

“The Shell Game is a new book that gives the mass public reality in the form of a novel interwoven with real events and people. I recommend it to everyone, especially those who believe the 9/11 Commission Report.”

— Paul Craig Roberts [Roberts is known as the Father of Reaganomics, past editor at The Wall Street Journal, Columnist for The National Review]

“Shell Game is grounded theory leading to fictional interpretations of the abuse of power by the Global Dominance Group within the US . . . This is a book that needs to be read and understood by all Americans.”
— Peter Phillips; Director Project Censored


This effort is the first laser-focused effort by the diverse national and regional 911 truth organizations, and it will enable us to see the success of flexing our collective muscle in a very measurable public way, as “The Shell Game” hits the top 10, and Alten speaks to millions on corporate media about 9/11 truth issues.

THEN, this same national collective can focus on other key upcoming issues and campaigns in coming months, enabling the 9/11 truth movement to become a real force in our nation’s future.


Jon Gold, of 911Blogger.com, interviews “The Shell Game” best selling author at Barnes & Noble in Philly:

READ 9/11 TRUTH ACTIVIST’S COMMENTS on above interview & Alten’s work at: http://www.911blogger.com/node/14601

The WEEK of TRUTH effort is encouraging all who seek 9/11 truth to spread these interviews widely encouraging participation in the “Week of Truth Buy-In” April 16-22nd. The site not only encourages the buy-in, but also urges people seeking 9/11 truth to spread the word of this website and national effort rapidly, as April 16 is almost upon us.

Listen to other interviews with “The Shell Game” author, Steve Alten, on 9/11 truth issues:

Hear a 5 minute excerpt Alten’s CBS National Radio interview to millions over nearly 200 stations nationwide. In the full version of this 40 minute interview Steve spoke on WTC 7, suspicious FBI non-action, illegal destruction of WTC forensics, 9/11 War Games, etc.


Alten continues to EXPLODE 9/11 TRUTH to audiences who have NEVER HEARD 9/11 TRUTH!! C-Realm Radio – “C” Stand for Consciousness:


View Alten’s “False Flag Attack for War With Iran” at:

Source URL: http://www.opednews.com/maxwrite/print_friendly.php?p=opedne_bill_dou_080403_join_the_week_of_tru.htm

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