What Action Looks Like: Going Viral with 9/11 Truth


Millions of people are at various levels of discovery that the official explanation of 9/11 is a lie. They are at some point in the process of realizing that some clandestine element at the highest levels of our government and military orchestrated a self-inflicted terrorist act to enflame U.S citizens into supporting an aggressive imperial agenda abroad, and a homeland security/police state regime at home as we relinquish our cherished civil liberties.

After the immediate question of Why? comes up in our minds, the next logical question is ? what can I do about it? Part of the big lie we?re in, to which so many have succumbed, is that we can?t do much of anything. There?s just no hope for us, the corruption is too vast and the powers that be are too powerful. If you fall into this description, has it ever occurred to you that this is what our new world order orchestrators want us to believe? While they are so small in number and have us believing we are powerless and without hope for reclaiming our republic, they?ve won because we?ve allowed them to control this debilitating illusion to which we?ve acquiesced.

Are you ready to dispel this illusion of powerlessness? Think about this. There are just four things you must do. Inform yourself, inform others, participate in the democratic process by informing your elected officials what you want, and participate in the group process of enabling progress through organizational actions. Now let?s add some detail.

Getting Informed: There are many educational web sites. Start by going through 911truth.org and following the links. Pick a few sites and visit them regularly to keep up with current news. For New Yorkers, we also recommend www.ny911truth.org. Sign up for the email list so you can be informed about ongoing events. There are several excellent books analyzing the events of 9/11 in great detail. The New Pearl Harbor by David Ray Griffin is a must read. Also, The 9/11 Terror Timeline by Paul Thompson is a great reference tool. You can view much of this work online at www.cooperativeresearch.org. There are several documentaries on DVD which really have a powerful effect. We should all have copies of The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw by Barrie Zwicker, as well as the combination DVD with 9/11 and the American Empire by David Ray Griffin and Painful Deceptions by Eric Hufshmid.

Informing Others: We all know 200 to 300 people. First start by telling the people who you know are open minded and progressive about what you have learned and urge them to see the information for themselves. For the people who you think would be harder to convince that we?ve been conned about 9/11, the best thing to do is just give them a book to read and a DVD to watch. Use them as tools to reveal the truth for you. You may want to get a grasp of the talking points and typical reactions as well. For a comprehensive overview, go to NY911truth.org’s talking points. Another important action is to inform people from the general public through posting information on blogs and email lists. Some blogs get thousands of visitors per day so you can have a wide impact. For a good overview

Informing Elected Officials: The whole reason for having elected officials is to have representation in local and national affairs, right? This dynamic is needed now more than ever due to the fact that the U.S. has been hijacked by an extremist element with the stated agenda of ?full spectrum dominance? (from Rebuilding Our National Defenses by The Project For A New American Century). So here?s the plan. The week of Sept. 11 and the 11th of every month thereafter until we get results, take 15 minutes to call your elected officials. Call your city or town council urging them to pass a resolution to refute the official con job and the 9/11 Commission Report. Call your state elected officials telling them 9/11 was an inside job used to launch wars lasting generations and effectively transferring hundreds of billions of your tax dollars away from domestic needs to fund a globalist agenda for oil confiscation. Call your federal elected officials to tell them to either work to impeach the entire executive branch for treason and war crimes against humanity for 9/11 and the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, or they can forget about your vote come next election. Again, this must be done every month on the week of the 11th as a symbolic way of tying everything back to the attacks.

The Group Process: There are a multitude of various anti-war groups, educational organizations, church and civic groups. The problem is that they are all basically dealing with issues that are symptomatic of a larger, pathological power structure and its agenda. Just like cancer, if one doesn?t address the root cause, death from cancer is certain. However, we must all understand that understanding the forces behind 9/11 and detecting the role it played in a larger pattern of events will expose the power structure which has us all by the neck. If you are a member of any of these groups that only deal with symptoms of war, you have a decision to make. Either get them to see the big picture and take appropriate action, find a new group, or start your own. We don?t have decades to wait for the truth and if there?s another staged attack, we can expect martial law. The future of our republic is what?s at stake so let?s not spin our wheels any longer. At the 9/11 Visibility Project there is a list of 9/11 action groups around the country, as well as resources to start one for yourself.

At some point you may get frustrated by the fact that the mainstream media and even most progressive media outlets have failed to cover the official deception surrounding 9/11. Organize a campaign of as little as 20 people to lobby Air America or your local NPR and Pacifica station to carry coverage on the 9/11 controversy. This same group of 20 can target newspapers or other publications by writing letters-to-the editor. Also, many top media people have their own blogs which can be targeted. Let?s get The Nation, Mother Jones, The Indypendent, and others to wake up fast and fulfill their responsibility of acting as alternative media should and investigate 9/11 totally objectively. There?s such a wealth of information from whistleblowers to former government officials to survivors with major stories that must be told.

In the final analysis, 9/11 has presented us with an unprecedented opportunity to come to understand the decades-long march of a covert manipulation designed to establish absolute political control of our world as well as space, and that there are forces behind the secret curtain. These forces have subjected us to forced dependence on fossil fuels, debt and wage slavery, a hardship economy, deterioration of our eco-system, and untold carnage and devastation. 9/11 can serve as the pathway to an awakening that leads to new choices as we rise to a new level of responsible citizenship. Let?s dispel our illusion, expose the big lie, disempower the rapacious globalist power structure, and recreate reality that ensures true human progress for all.

Les Jamieson

Copyright 2005

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