What are we doing?


The goal of our efforts here for the next three months should be to expose the truth of 9/11 before the election – or before whatever event is arranged to upstage the election.

And what is “the truth”?

The truth is that from the first, the 9/11 events were exploited without compunction to the benefit of the military-industrial-intelligence complex and the Bush cabal. 9/11 was used to justify long-planned invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan that may have otherwise been politically infeasible – to push through a long-standing domestic wish-list of repressive measures like the USA PATRIOT Act – and to shift trillions in budgeting priorities from butter to guns. The administration declared a perpetual “War on Terrorism” that “will not end in our lifetimes” (Cheney), which has been waged largely against peoples and countries universally acknowledged to have had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks, as with the unprovoked invasion of Iraq. As a response to anti-American terrorism, this strategy seems intentionally designed to make the problem much worse in the long run. Before 9/11, the hardliners of Project for a New American Century admitted they needed an enemy. Now they are making sure that there will always be one.

Based on the open-source evidence available to date, the truth of 9/11 is that the attacks could not have happened in the way they did without help on the inside of the U.S. government or within the vast hidden government apparatus. A real investigation (by whatever body) would have to allow the hypothesis of complicity by elements within or near the U.S. government, and gather evidence and hear witnesses accordingly. An investigation that excludes this hypothesis from the start – an investigation which is incapable of even imagining this hypothesis and pathologically avoids the evidence supporting it, as the Kean Commission did in its hearings and report – is not a serious investigation. It is a whitewash. With recommendations like a unified domestic and foreign intelligence database, and national ID standards with a a biometric element, the Kean Commission is lending liberal and democratic language to the policies of war and domestic repression already initiated by the Bush administration, and giving the justification to continue and expand these policies under any administration.

Exposing this truth to a broad American public would obviously affect the election results, and it would also be a step towards the revolutionary change that we need, for it would expose the hidden power structure that most Americans still don’t want to acknowledge. So as far as 9/11 is concerned, there need be no disagreement between the would-be revolutionaries and the faithful voters among us. Activists need to see that 9/11 truth is not a single-issue campaign; it is a means of contesting the power to define reality (and hold all social change in check) via elite control of the media and hysterias stage-managed by the government. With the government now often warning of impending new attacks that may even cause a postponement of the election, we need to confront that control head on. -Nicholas Levis

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