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Re: Spitzer Complaint, Ryan & 911Truth.org news

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What can you do? News on “Justice for 9/11,” the Omissions Hearings, the Kevin Ryan story, and developments at 911Truth.org:

Justice for 9/11

Last week the “Justice for 9/11” Coalition filed a restated and amended Citizen’s Complaint and Petition with the Attorney General of New York State, Eliot Spitzer, citing probable cause to convene a grand jury on unsolved crimes surrounding the events of September 11, 2001. (See press release. )

The Citizens’ Complaint and Petition is unprecedented. Unlike a few other states, New York law does not provide a formal procedure for it. We are trying to invent a new legal wheel, and we need your help.

Nine highly regarded complainants from among September 11 family members, first responders and New York citizens have signed on, and many others are carefully considering whether to join them.

We are inviting friendly support statements from other groups, in the style of amicus briefs, and looking for new coalition members. And we ask everyone to please sign the electronic Petition of Solidarity at the “Justice” site, and get your friends on board!

This work is by no means finished, despite the weeks of hard work by a team advised by legal counsel Carolyn Betts. We aren’t pretending that we’ve covered every aspect of possible 9/11 crimes in the present version of the Complaint and Petition. As we’ve told Spitzer’s office, this is a living document, of, for and by citizens, and we’re going to keep adding to it.

But the new Complaint is more comprehensive. The 30-page main text and 24 appendices represent much of the best in 9/11 research, if by no means all. These documents have been published at Justicefor911.org.

The “A-series” evidentiary appendices present what the “Justice for 9/11” coalition considers to be the best arguments of the 9/11 skeptics’ community. The online “B-series” appendices will compile additional material towards generating new “A-series” appendices.

The “Justice” site will later feature a page inviting you to add your own research, witness observations, and possible appendices for consideration in future submissions to Spitzer and other prosecuting attorneys by the “Justice for 9/11” coalition. We will have to vet all such material very carefully.

We hope all this will serve as inspiration to those of you who live in the other 49 states to file similar complaints with your own Attorneys General and District Attorneys. One of the appendices deals with state jurisdictional matters. As you might guess, many states harbor actionable connections to the suspected 9/11 crime complex. If the deceptions of 9/11 are ever to be tackled by the means of criminal investigation–cross your fingers and hope Spitzer has the courage and air cover!–then this will surely necessitate cooperation among state AGs, on the same model as the tobacco lawsuits or the Microsoft case.

Stand up and file one of these in your own state. We invite you to borrow from our approach, language and appendices and create your own complaints. In many cases, it will be as easy as filling in “California” for “New York” (that’s a hint). Get in contact with us at 911Truth.org.

Sometime in the coming week we will be announcing a major New York press conference on the Complaint – and on an exciting new project we shall unveil shortly!

Become the media – spread the word!

And please don’t forget another project we helped develop: The 9/11 Omissions Hearings, on September 9 in New York City, produced seven hours of revealing testimony about the events of September 11. Check out the video record of these hearings and inquire with your local public access cable operator about getting it broadcast – as is being done in Manhattan, piece by piece.

The Kevin Ryan Story: Update

Meanwhile, in other developments, as you know, Underwriters Laboratories two weeks ago (11/16) fired their executive, Kevin Ryan, site manager of the Environmental Health Laboratories. Ryan had written a letter doubting the fire-melts-steel theory to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), which is due to release a draft of its final report on the WTC collapses early next year. The letter was published at the 9/11 Visibility Project (11/11), and there was a follow-up story by 911Truth.org on November 12.

The next week, UL asked us to publish a statement on Ryan’s termination. We found it inadequate, and wrote back asking them to answer a few reasonable questions. Nearly two weeks later, they still haven’t responded, although we published both documents .This story continues to develop – it was the subject of an article in Ryan’s hometown South-Bend Tribune last week – and we will keep you posted.?

Kevin Ryan has been punished because he stood up for what he believes.?
The time has come for you to let UL know what you think about all this. The 9/11 Visibility Project will be sending out an action alert, but it’s easy enough to figure out how to contact UL from their own statement for publication .

If you look around you right now, you can probably see a number of appliances with UL seals on them – for example, your telephone and your computer. They are not just a (non-profit) corporation, they have a mission central to public safety, and they should be answerable to anyone who uses a light switch. It’s hard to imagine a greater public safety issue than knowing the full truth about what might cause a skyscraper (or three) to collapse into a pile of dust.

Revamping 911Truth.org

Finally, you may have noticed the growing pains at the 911Truth.org site. We are starting new actions and posting more stories, like on the likely discovery of the Ground Zero black boxes . But we are also aware that the site has grown unwieldy. So we are busy redesigning the whole thing to achieve clarity–and to prepare our strongest material for the flood of new visitors yet to come (we’re having record days this month as it is). The new site will go online in a couple of weeks, but in the meantime, we hope the cosmetic changes on the front page at least give better access to our most popular and important articles.

All this is a lot of work, and we are formally requesting your help pay the staff, who have been spent most of the recent months as dedicated volunteers, to make all this possible. If you like what we’re doing and you want to stay ahead of next week’s fund-raising pitch, feel free to go to click on ” DONATE ” and send $25 (or more) for that purpose today!?


All the best for truth, justice, and a paradigm shift early this century,

911Truth.org Staff

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