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Dear 9/11 Truth Advocates,

As 2009 arrives, 911Truth.org wishes you all the best, and extends our gratitude to each of you for your persistent courage and dedication to hard truths!

For nearly five years, 911Truth.org has served as your portal to reliable information about 9/11, its precedents and consequences, as an umbrella for hundreds of local truth activism groups, as a catalyst for national campaigns and new 9/11 truth special interest groups, and so much more. We are at a very critical juncture right now, as monthly donation pledges total about $500. We need to raise $15,000 for this first quarter of 2009 if we are to continue to provide these valuable services.

Please take a moment right now to help.

As we enter a new year, with a new administration coming into office, we are excited to continue this important work with some new opportunities–though admittedly, significant challenges remaining–in front of us!

Having witnessed the international reaction to the election of Barack Obama, we believe that a new dawn in political responsibility may be approaching. We therefore encourage the 9/11 community to take an optimistic, and persistent, educational approach to the new administration, one which will speak truth to power in a new relationship based on positive expectations of honesty and good faith. The approach we envisage continues to be based on the expectation that individuals within the United States Government and its citizens, once educated about 9/11, will recognize that only strength and respect would flow from a thorough and complete accounting. Further, this would lead to correcting the enormous fallout (both domestically and internationally) from this horrendous deed that is such a stain on US history. Only when real integrity has been ensconced in our leadership–which must be held to account by the people it represents–will the US, and indeed the world, have a chance to become whole again.

Thus, we intend to work with other organizations to continue to press for this integrity. Of course, we don’t yet know what specific course will finally be successful — perhaps a special prosecutor within the U.S., perhaps it will require an international war crimes tribunal or criminal court, or maybe some other mechanism not yet considered will be necessary. So we must explore every opportunity and pursue those with merit, while drawing on the wisdom, creativity and dedication of compassionate, truth-loving people everywhere if we are to achieve these lofty goals. In 2009, we intend to do just that.

But we can’t do it without your help.

We receive no foundation or grant funding, so we’re supported solely by contributions from you, and as we’ve always said, we truly appreciate and value every penny–we work very hard with very little, thanks to the dedication and mostly volunteer efforts of some very fine people. And while we know that times are financially tough for many people right now, this important work must nonetheless continue. We simply can’t do it without your help. We are asking you to make a contribution right now, to take your movement into 2009 with a working budget of $15,000 for the first quarter. Below you’ll find a few offerings of thank you gifts for contributions made in the next two weeks.

What projects are we looking at undertaking immediately in 2009? Here are a few, and you can see why we say we’re excited about opportunities:

The 9/11 Commission requested that all documentation and reports supplied to them be made available, through the National Archives, by January 9, 2009. We have learned that a significant amount of that information will, indeed, become available soon. That means we need to assemble work groups now to begin digitizing, cataloging, and reviewing the data; a significant relational database must be built to help analyze the information; writers will be needed to review and assemble the information so that we can present it to you as quickly as possible. Once we see what information has been released (and how much of it has been redacted), we’ll need to file Freedom of Information Act requests for missing documentation and reports. And we’ll need to coordinate campaigns to push for the release of whatever information may be withheld. This project will be a huge undertaking, and we intend to work closely with other 9/11 truth organizations, as well as other groups that have been previously involved in information processing projects like this, working collaboratively to draw on existing strengths and skills in order to accomplish this momentous task.

President-elect Obama ran for office on a promise of hope and change… We intend to hold him to this promise, to urgently negotiate a change from the unprecedented secrecy implemented by the Bush Administration to much greater transparency. With the “hope” of “changing” our situation by overturning 9/11-based draconian measures such as the Military Commissions Act, Patriot Acts, Executive Orders and Security Directives, Continuity of Government measures, and the massive redirection of our money away from desperately needed domestic programs to military, police-state and mercenary funding, we believe we can help to restore our Bill of Rights, immediately end torture and secret rendition, end the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and begin to right our nation’s future path. We are working now to prepare proposals asking for significant changes that will lead to truth-telling, accountability, provision for the thousands of 9/11 first responders now in such desperate need, and more. Clearly, we will need to work closely with other organizations to effect these changes, and will continue to make that a high priority.

Nearly 200 grassroots organizers in as many cities (and nearly 40 countries) have now affiliated with us, and 911Truth.org will continue to provide networking, communication tools, support and encouragement to these courageous individuals and their groups. We have been asked to provide regional “Activists’ Tools” workshops, providing opportunities to learn about specific skills such as media communication techniques, group building, audio-video production and dissemination, dealing with group-dynamics issues, research/writing, etc. We would like to make this the year we are finally able to provide these workshops.

The 911truth.org website now contains over 1,500 articles, an international calendar, a resource center, A/V files, downloadable resources, links, and much more. Vetting and adding material, and maintaining, enhancing and securing the website requires significant effort and time, and we need your help to keep this unique and valuable resource at the ready for the international 9/11 community.


We need your help to make these projects happen! Please make a donation now, or commit to a monthly donation. We have accomplished much in these five years, yet much remains to finish the work of bringing complete and open recognition to this issue, and now is certainly not the time to have to end our efforts. We ask you to help us, as generously as possible, to continue that work. Thank you!

And with every contribution, our very sincere thanks!

With our best wishes for a healthy, courageous, active new year filled with real change, and our genuine thanks for your work,

Janice Matthews,

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Since 2004, 911Truth.Org has educated the public about the suppressed realities of the September 11 attacks.

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