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Becoming Our Government, Making the Future Our Own, by Don Paul

Don Paul is a writer, musician and activist who was among the first to speak out about 9/11 fraud. His books, including “‘9/11’: Facing Our Fascist State” and “Waking Up From Our Nightmare” (with Jim Hoffman), have inspired many to seek the truth about 9/11 and other critical issues.

A new compilation of Don’s writings is called The World is Turning: “9/11,” the Movement for Justice, & Reclaiming America for the World. This new book combines two earlier and much-acclaimed Don Paul books with many articles that are new to print and that extend into late 2008. I was honored to be asked to write the introduction. The book is available though Don’s website, http://www.wireonfire.com/donpaul/wit.html

Today, a new essay from Don, entitled “Becoming Our Government, Making the Future Our Own” is available here: http://www.911blogger.com/files/Becom…

Many thanks to Don for all his courageous and hopeful work.


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