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$14 million and 18 months later:

As 9/11 Commissioners continue nationwide tour, group calls on journalists and citizens to question them about dramatic omissions in their report . . .

– Dossier of open questions initiated at 911Truth.org

– Coming Sept. 7 in print form: “The 9/11 Omissions Report”

– Summer of Truth events in New York City: Aug. 27-Sept 17

– Public hearings to be held in New York, Sept. 9

– Town hall on Events of Sept. 11 at Manhattan Center Ballroom, 9/11/2004



Friday, August 27, 2004

A new campaign within the burgeoning September 11th truth movement is calling on journalists and citizens to confront the authors of “The 9/11 Commission Report” with key questions ignored in their report, and to demand full disclosure.


“Besides recommendations, the Commission was supposed to provide the full and definitive account of 9/11 events,” said David Kubiak, executive director of 911Truth.org. “Unfortunately, its evasions are so obvious that the Commission is effectively abetting a cover-up” His group is accompanying the Kean Commission’s nationwide tour with an online dossier of research on the report’s failures, available at the 911Truth.org website.

The initial version begins with just a few of the most obvious 9/11 Omissions:

  • Why does The 9/11 Commission Report ignore reports that the alleged 9/11 plotters received funds from the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI?
  • Why does the report fail to ask why the U.S. chain of command – Bush, Rumsfeld, Myers, Winfield – did nothing when it mattered on Sept. 11?
  • Why does the report entirely omit mention of advance warnings of imminent attacks received from foreign intelligence agencies in the weeks prior to Sept. 11?
  • Why does the report ignore the FBI whistleblowers who decried high-level obstruction of field investigations into potential terrorists in the months before 9/11?
  • Why does the report fail to demand accountability for officials who publicized false and/or contradictory accounts of U.S. air defense response on Sept. 11?

Equally dramatic questions will be highlighted in the weeks ahead. The online dossier will grow to cover additional omissions, leading up to presentation of the evidence at public hearings in New York City on Sept. 9, 2004 and at a Town Hall Meeting at the Manhattan Center Ballroom on Sept. 11, 2004. (Updates see summeroftruth.org)

During the Kean Commmission’s 18-month, $14 million investigation, citizens repeatedly apprised its members and staff of the information presented in the 911Truth.org counter-dossier, which is derived from mainstream media, local newspapers, foreign press reports, official statements and government documents.

The Commission’s final report simply ignores most of these concerns, failing even to mention them. Kubiak discerns a pattern in the exclusions. “The areas they choose to ignore consistently suggests a wider circle of complicity in the attacks, beyond the purported al-Qaeda network and reaching into elements of the U.S. government itself,” Kubiak said.

Senator says NORAD Lied About Sept. 11

Minnesota Senator Mark Dayton shares at least one concern raised by the 9/11 truth activists. At a Congressional hearing last week, he observed that if the Kean Commission’s report is correct, then both the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for more than two years upheld false – and contradictory – chronologies of U.S. air defense response to the September 11th hijackings. Which is right: The new report, the old NORAD story, the FAA protestations, or none of the above? Will anyone in government be held accountable for propagating falsehoods?

“The American Homeland Is The Planet”


Members of the Kean Commission have embarked on a nationwide tour to promote their report’s recommendations in lectures and media appearances. The report proposes radical domestic and foreign policy reforms based on the chilling premise that “the American homeland is the planet” (p. 362). Its blueprint for Homeland Security advocates creating a surveillance state with a national standard for identification cards tied to biometric data (i.e., fingerprint IDs or retinal-scan records for all U.S. citizens and visitors). In one recommendation, safeguarding “the privacy of individuals about whom information is shared” is left to the president’s discretion (p. 394).

Kubiak: “How can we accept proposals that endanger our liberties when the actual events have yet to be explained? The Commission’s promotional circuit presents an opportunity for journalists and citizens to expose the report’s omissions in public.”


“Why does the report ignore the history of U.S. government support for the Islamist extremist movements that gave birth to al-Qaeda and the Taliban?” Kubiak asked. “Reports that prominent figures and defense officials were warned not to fly on Sept. 11 are completely disregarded. The many inexplicable gaps in their account naturally cause us to wonder if the Commission members were not influenced by their substantial conflicts of interest.”

End-of-Summer Campaign to Expose the 9/11 Cover-up


The Summer of Truth, three weeks of political and cultural events in New York City, kicks off today, Aug. 27. (See summeroftruth.org.) The series is leading to the first Citizens’ Hearing on evidence that the Kean Commission avoided, chaired by once and future Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and former Bush I administration official Catherine Austin Fitts. The culminating event will be a televised town hall meeting on the evening of Sept. 11, 2004 at the Manhattan Center Ballroom.

Activists around the world have declared Sept. 11, 2004 an international “Truth Day” of events to expose the 9/11 cover-up under the banner, “The Day the Lie Died.”

Contact: Nicholas Levis

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