You Say 9/11 Was an Inside Job? There’s Nothing I Can Do About It…or Is There?

by Bill Douglas
December 2, 2007

You Say 9/11 Was an Inside Job?

There’s Nothing I Can Do About It…or Is There?

Most people I talk to believe 9/11 was an inside job. I talk to everyone, cab
drivers, limo drivers, phone solicitors, etc. etc. The overwhelming majority
think 9/11 was an inside job perpetrated by our government.

HOWEVER, almost as many shrug and give me comments along the lines of “it
doesn’t matter what I do.”

Let me tell you a story about what one person can do. A few months after 9/11
I began to learn a lot about the failures of the US Air Force and FAA to do
their job on 9/11 while four commercial jet liners flew over the most protected
airspace in the human history crashing planes into buildings; US Army training
of the alleged hijackers; insider stock trades against American and United Airlines
the day before 9/11 by a CIA connected financial institution; etc. etc.

I began collecting emails for every fire department and firemen’s union, all
their officers, etc. etc. and emailing these 9/11 questions out to firemen across
the US, Canada, and beyond.

I then began standing outside a Unity church in Kansas City on Sundays, and
on a busy city corner during the week, with a poster reading, “What is
Bush Hiding About 9/11? Stop the 9/11 Cover Up!” One day a Kansas City
Fire Department hook and ladder truck honked at me, and all the Firemen cheered,
and gave me a thumbs up.

One day a woman stopped and joined me. Then another woman, I’d never
met, joined me. Today one of those women is the executive director of

Together we invited 9/11 widow Ellen Mariani and her attorney Phil Berg (former
Deputy Atty. General of Pennsylvania) to speak at four churches in Kansas City
on their lawsuit accusing members of the Bush admin. with complicity in the
9/11 attacks, under a RICO racketeering lawsuit. We were covered by all the
major media that day, and spoke at several churches including an event with
nearly 1,000 attendees. The Kansas City police said they’d monitored our
website, and saw so much activity that they sent a police escort to follow us
all day long.

I also began emailing 9/11 facts out. One day I woke up to several hundred
emails from angry Canadians wanting more information about 9/11, because they’d
read my email address in a major Canadian newspaper regarding 9/11 as an inside
job. The Canadian’s weren’t angry at me, they were angry that the
US government had lied them into sacrificing their brothers, sons, and fathers
into a war in Afghanistan.

With these email addresses, which I collected, I began sending out “9/11
truth action alerts” via email. My list grew to thousands, and many of
them had lists which reached perhaps hundreds of thousands of others. We began
sending out 9/11 truth facts along with email addresses to thousands of media
contacts worldwide, encouraging all to email the media demanding 9/11 questions
be asked and answered. One day I got an email from an Australian newspaper begging
to be taken off the media list, because they were getting hammered by emails
from people worldwide demanding they investigate 9/11.

We began sending out 9/11 truth facts to everyone we knew with a list of every
United Nations permanent mission for every country in the world. A few days
later when Bush addressed the UN to sell his endless war on terror, one of the
first things he said to the UN members, was, “don’t believe these
outrageous conspiracy theories.” Ashcroft warned us after 9/11 they’d
be reading our emails. Apparently he wasn’t lying.

Because of my emails, etc., a Seattle peace group invited me to speak on 9/11
in Seattle. I flew up and spoke. There I met a man who’s birthday was
on 9/11, and because of that, after the attacks he smelled that the US would
use that date as a war propaganda tool, so he bought up a bunch of urls related
to his birthday, including

With that we began National 911Visibility, which soon became International
911Visibility. We pioneered a website where local groups could connect with
other groups to fight for 9/11 truth on a local and global scale.

The accomplishments of these groups would take a whole book to describe, but
among them were creating 9/11 truth flyers, which groups across the US and Europe
printed and distributed at showing of “Fahrenheit 9/11” in hundreds
of theatres.

We also raised funds, and with them we printed “Stop the 9/11 Cover Up”
signs and distributed thousands of them to several cities including New York
and San Francisco for the big anti-war protests before the war. All of the signs
were easily passed out to anti-war activists hungry for 9/11 truth, and they
were photographed and seen on the front page of major newspapers including NY
Newsday and the Los Angeles Times. A camera man for Ted Koppels Nightline shot
the signs in the center of his camera shot filling the entire TV screen with
“Stop the 9/11 Cover Up.”

These signs began appearing everywhere on popular culture websites, including
on Howard Sterns website, as well many other popular websites. They became a
cultural icon and interested tens and possibly hundreds of thousands in asking
questions about 9/11.

The organizing resources and community networking we pioneered through 911Visibility,
folded eventually over into 911Truth’s early organizing, and then later
became a local/global organizing model for many of the major 9/11 truth action

As Professor Steven Jones’ research into the WTC collapses, showing the official
story was a lie, came out . . . I began collecting email addresses for every
architectural and engineering department in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, etc.
etc. Then I emailed Professor Jones’ research to every professor, graduate student,
etc. in those departments for most major universities in the world. Today, nearly
200 architects and engineers have now formed “Architects and Engineers
for 9/11 Truth.”

911Visibility years ago, also had begun collecting testimony by major public
figures who were questioning 9/11 with their photos, so people realizing we’d
been lied to about 9/11 would know they would not be alone. People like Emmy
Award winning actor, Ed Asner, and former Canadian National Defence Minister,
Paul Hellyer.

When I was contacted by the man who at that time was only considering building, I offered him all the photos and comments we’d
gathered, and they became a building block for his powerful site, which now
holds testimony of hundreds of high level military, intelligence, engineering,
and other notable people, regarding their awareness of an urgent need for a
new 9/11 investigation, many convinced with current evidence it had to be an
inside job.

Today nearly 1/3 of Americans are convinced that 9/11 was an inside job, and
the overwhelming majority of Americans now believe that there is a 9/11 cover
up occurring. How did this all start?

Years ago, a few people like me . . . stood on corners with signs, all alone
. . . because it was the right thing to do.

So keep this article where you can read it daily, each time you think that
“it doesn’t matter what you do.”

Bill Douglas is Founder of 911 Visibility, and original and former National
Outreach Director of William E. Douglas, Jr. is author of “The
Amateur Parent — A Book on Life, Death, War & Peace, and Everything
Else in the Universe.” Bill has been a guest columnist for the Kansas City
Star, The Business Journal, and other media worldwide. His past essays include,
“Exposing the 9/11 Conspiracy Wingnuts,” “The Explosion of the
9-11 Truth Movement — US Media’s Dirty Little Secret,” “Good Night,
and Good Luck – WMD, NIST, Popular Mechanics, 9/11 and Media Crimes” and
also “Why the Jewish Community Should Demand 9/11 Truth.”

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