A Time Comes When Silence is Betrayal! Protest the BBC 9/11/09


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Time Comes When Silence is Betrayal! Protest the BBC September 11th, 2009

Scientific peer-reviewed proof nano-thermite found in the rubble at
Ground Zero

750+ architects and engineers demand a new investigation

9/11 is a historical event and it has changed the way we live today.

Subsequent to 9/11, the Bush and Blair administrations launched an aggressive
War on Terror which we were told would last the rest of our lives. Shortly after,
Afghanistan and Iraq were invaded and the blood of millions of innocents has
been spilt. Furthermore, the Patriot Act and UK Anti-Terror legislation has
eroded our civil liberties with devastating effect. The police state has never
been better funded. The mainstream media has sensationalized Islamaphobia and
Muslims are subject to countless unnecessary stops, searches, raids, arrests
and harrassements. The War on Terror is a War OF Terror.

This makes it all the more concerning when we discover that many western intelligence
agencies had foreknowledge of the attacks and failed abysmally to prevent them.
Furthermore, the 9/11 Commission Report and subsequent NIST reports are inconsistent
with records of the day and even contradictory in themselves. Scientists have
since released a peer reviewed paper on evidence of Nano-Thermate in the rubble
of ground zero and have repeatedly requested the computer model from NIST which
describes how the towers fell and which was never peer reviewed in accordance
with the scientific standards. There are also over 750 architects and engineers
who dismiss the official government reports, citing evidence that the WTC buildings
1, 2 and 7 were bought down by controlled demolition.

8 years after the attacks, we still have serious questions which the establishment
and corporate media have failed to answer.

Join us, with speakers and performers on the 11th of September 2009 at the
BBC head-quarters at White City by Shephard Bush from 12 noon till 8pm to remember
and to demand answers!

Contact: press [at] wearechange . org . uk

12 noon till 8pm – Congregate at the BBC
Television Centre
near Shepherd’s Bush, Wood Lane, London, W12 7RJ.


We Are Change London
London Truth Action
Architects and Engineers

We would also recomend people check out the excellent information from Stop
The War Coalition. Please check out their website below, although they do not
officially endorse us we have many friends in their ranks. Stop The War website.

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