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A wise meditation on tactics and approaches for the months ahead. We quibble a bit with Malaprop’s see/hear/speak-no-evil advice re 9/11 disinfo and dunces, but agree that simply distancing oneself from the phony theories is usually better than noisy demonization. Still we do occasionally have to show that we too can tell wheat from chaff.

by Malaprop
911 Truth Alliance List

March 7, 2005

EVERYTHING points to a frame-up, complicity–you name it. There is enough evidence for them to swing from a rope a 100 times. The problem is getting a real investigation, a courtroom. At this point IMHO, all of our time would be better spent in learning interviewee skills under hostile conditions.

Furthermore, anyone who cannot keep their temper, and has so little self-control, is a ball and chain that I don’t want to have to depend on to save this country. I don’t want to mess with loose cannons. The way I feel is I have no time for, nor do I have interest in baby-sitting somebody whose ego outweighs the objective of saving this country. One is to just put their ego in a box out of sight for a year.
Remember I said our problem is getting into a courtroom? What do you do if they are all corrupt, being blackmailed, or terrified? And to depend on any official now, no matter how persuasive one’s evidence, is more a matter of form, that reasonable expectation.

There’s just an awful lot of ways to derail justice, and bury a case, and intimidate an official. We know that, we’ve seen it.

I’m fairly convinced that Bush1 supervised a blackmailing operation in that “Call-boy”, pedophile ring during the Reagan administration, and that it has CONTINUED UNINTERRUPTED all these years, gathering dirt of various types, on the entire U.S. Congress. I lean toward that rather than bribery being the motivator–mostly speculation..

Someone said this will be decided in the court of public opinion, and I think they’re right. That is our courtroom. UNTIL WE GATHER MOMENTUM, WE CANNOT DEPEND ON OUR SYSTEM TO SUDDENLY DO WHAT THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE LONG AGO. We can hope for them grabbing on to our shirttails if they feel it’s in their own best interests, and if it’s safe to do so.

A couple of notes about corruption–what we have now is an extreme example of corporate interests pretending to be government.

Corporate corruption has largely followed in the footsteps of tobacco as far as tactics go due to their successes and used them as their model. This applies to pre-pre 9/11, so tactics may have changed. While Tobacco fought restrictions on the local level, they were rarely successful as local politicians were too close to the people, under more scrutiny. So tobacco found it much more to their liking to move upward for friendly legislation–to State, Fed. I understand that state level is the most amenable to bribes in some form–out of sight of the public, and with ambitions on the way up politically. Then we have the federal level, which we all know about.

Now, about power. The corrupt have found it much easier to “persuade” one or two people than 40. So they work for consolidation of power upwards. Getting decision-making further and further away from the scrutiny of the people. Democracies are messy and hard to control–they want democracies like they want a root canal.

Doing this hurts the feelings and the income of the person(s) losing their power. Bush is in the process of doing this in the creation of an “Intelligence Tsar” his own personally picked toady, and rendering as useless all the other heads of the various security branches. They will be totally out of any means of effecting change, any meaningful decision making. We, as citizens, don’t have a CIA or FBI any more–they are merely corporate operatives.

So consolidated power is the road to hell–to put it mildly–it invites corruption and infiltration that destroys the very people that put them there. But we should always give the genuine appearance of speaking in one voice over the most important thing of all–we were attacked by our own government. Can there be any point more important than that?

I see the 9/11 movement best operating without any single leadership that would be a convenient target for corruption, infiltration, instead agreement on a common goal. Dissemination of information, activism, to result in justice. There would be no possibility of agreement on interpretation of evidence, but there could be agreement on objective, and some rules, so we can get un-fractured.

A common goal, not forced or implied agreement on the various aspects of 9/11, but with the unfailing discipline of the Republican party–speak no ill of another investigator, or group.

(For security reasons, It may be advantageous to form a smaller screened group to talk privately–where each had to have two recommendations to be on the email list–after all, we don’t get to listen in to them.)

Zero criticism of research of others in any public forum, whether it be on-line, or in an interview, OR ON A WEBSITE–especially on a website. Save those salvos for the real enemy, not the one sharing your foxhole. It looks really stupid and is a spectacle. Websites are enormously important tools for the public of not only information, but credibility. Those who continue to heel-nip, are to be considered pro-administration, and important information not shared with them.

The public will be more likely to view the 9/11 people favorably if there is no infighting.

Websites should be scoured of disparaging remarks about any other 9/11 website, or any other investigator–EVEN ONE YOU KNOW IS DISINFO. Ask yourself of a piece of speculation: is this flycrap? Remember, it’s said the public’s interest is an overwhelming 80% what happened at the WTC, 20% the other aspects of 9/11. (Remember how little coverage the other two

Going about picking flycrap out of pepper is madness. To be baited by an Art Bell- type about sneakily about specifics of other researchers OR THEIR VIEWS, will be met with a sidestep neutral answer, “until we get the cooperation from the government on releasing evidence, such secrecy naturally invites a variety of views. OR: “Secrecy causes speculation that there’s something to hide.”

The main point is this: “the government’s theory doesn’t work–our theories matter less than the lies we are discovering.” ………(or words along these lines–you get the drift.)

This next part may come as a disappointment to some–but the BushCo knows it. It is the uncovering of the WTC attack that they fear the most. Not the Pentagon, not Pennsylvania.

It is that the towers were deliberately demolished with people in them. It is the proof of the controlled demolition that is what Bush fears most. (Not that research should stop–far from it–that 3am brainstorm can lead to convictions, for this reason: with every discovery, more names come out, more leads come out– )

There are two things we should be like broken records on and it is the attacks on the WTC-, and that the government’s conspiracy theory of Muslim hijackers is “hopelessly in error”.

One other thing: Don’t settle for being called a derogatory name: “Conspiracy nut, theorist, tinfoil hat loony liberal, America-hater.” To do so *surrenders* to the jerk using the names.

(The reverse is true too–if you call someone else a name to them, that means you don’t have any legitimate ammo, and you have just surrendered the debate.)

Come up with a pre–prepared answer that you have put some thought into….i.e. “Please–I’m just a concerned American” …..or “….searching for answers denied to me.” (you can probably do better than that.)

Be prepared if the interviewer, or individual does it again. “Secrecy means there’s something to hide.” Remember, they’re putting you down, and if you let them, you’ve put them in the driver’s seat and they win. Say something–anything–even if it’s wrong, but don’t let them put you down. Use the opportunity to remind the listener(s) of the secrecy issue.

But its coming up on 4 years and it is time to shift heavy into public education, exposure. We have momentum, and we should not waste it, but take advantage of it. Now is the time for outreach. Flyers, everything. We need to “paper” the country. Every state, every city. Get the public used to the idea that 9/11 was an inside job.

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