Election Media Coverage

Live election coverage will be available, for those of you who wish to find something other than corporate media, from several places. Here are two:

NoLiesRadio will broadcast live, beginning Tuesday at 4:00 pm Pacific – 7:00 pm Eastern – 11:00 GMT. (See note from NoLiesRadio below).

http://noliesradio.org or

Democracy Now! will broadcast tonight for five hours, at DemocracyNow.org or kkfi.org.

Free Speech Radio News will broadcast updates throughout the day and night. Listen at KKFI, and many other sources. See http://www.fsrn.org/content/election2008 for more details.

NoLiesRadio statement: We are covering the election results LIVE as we did all of the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates. We are authorized to carry the broadcast feed.

Given the fact that the two previous presidential elections were stolen, we believe it to be imperative that the people be extremely vigilent about this election. We will have extensive coverage on vote theft in addition to the election results themselves. We are also arming the people with facts and help as to what to do if they feel they have been swindled or cheated at the polls Tuesday, and if for some reason McCain makes a last minute victory that smells fishy, we are encouraging the folks to gather on Nov 5th in assemblies throughout the nation to fight back. This election could become part of the WAKE-UP call that will bring Americans out of their deep slumber and possibily give rise to becoming more sensitive regarding 911truth.

And we also believe that after the election and whoever takes office, the American people will soon face the disappointment and will come to believe that both their wallets and freedoms have been fleeced by both the Republicans and Democrats and they will start to turn toward geniune third parties, such as the Green Party. Historically the Republican and the Democratic party are now dinasours and in our history political parties have come and gone many times. That will also be the time that the 911 Truth movement will need to be ACTIVELY pushing for 3rd parties to replace the current corporate parties.

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