In remembrance of Billy Peterson

My brother was on the 94th floor of the North Tower. He was 47, a VP with Marsh Mac.

Many of you know the pain of losing a family member or friend six years ago, and the added trauma of seeing the towers fall, over and over, as the media replayed the death and destruction.

I will never forget my 6’2″ “baby” brother who towered over me. I will never stop missing him and wondering how it is that he isn’t growing older with me and our other brother. My 84 year old Dad misses his daily calls, checking up to see if he’s okay since mom died 10 years ago. I will never forget standing around the dining room table with my dad and brother as we helped each other take DNA samples to hopefully identify Billy’s remains, if any were found.

I know others lost family members, loved ones younger than Billy, and as suddenly. What causes me sometimes unbearable pain is the way my brother’s death has been part of a government perversion to justify killing other innocents, just as suddenly, just as tragically.

Americans and people of other nations, other faiths and cultures, continue to die as our President continues to use those who died on 9/11/2001 as justification for his own deluded and horrific purpose.

I will remember my brother, William (Billy) Peterson today as I do everyday. Thank you for providing a forum to express my pain.

Rev. D.H.

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