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John PilgerAt the 2010 Anarchist Bookfair in London there was a discussion with independent journalist and filmmaker John Pilger (which was recorded — listen below) and one of the questions from the audience was about the attacks on 9/11. The following is a transcript of the question and his reply:

Audience Question: “I would like to ask your views or theory that the US government was complicit in or even perpetrated the attacks on 9/11 to gain support for criminal [inaudible] Afghanistan and Iraq?”

John Pilger: “I think there is a lot of evidence that certain elements in the Bush administration, whether by intent or by or by their own arrogant incompetence, I don’t know, let things happen. I think there is enough evidence to …

We know the senior FBI people who gave warnings right throughout 2001. We know about the extraordinary inactivity by the NORAD aircraft on the day of September 11th. We know that Cheney was in charge of the White House on that day.

I think the most plausible is the “let it happen”, now at what stage it was let happen, I don’t know, I don’t know. But certainly that seems to me, the most plausible.

There is no doubt that 9/11 became the opportunity for a new “Cold War” basically, only called the “War on Terror”. But beyond that I wouldn’t want to … “

John Pilger on 9/11 by 9/11 Truth News

The image above was taken from an interview with John Pilger at the same event. Description at Indymedia London:
An interview with the legendary John Pilger at this year’s Anarchist Bookfair, covering topics on his new film, “The War You Don’t See”, and discussing news media on the internet and what effect the financial crisis will have on current imperialist wars and military adventures.

Thanks to Chris C and ZKT for the audio and transcription.

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SOURCE911TruthNews on 10/31/10
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John Pilger

John Pilger began his film career in British television in 1970, starting with the ITV current affairs series 'World in Action'. His first documentary, 'The Quiet Mutiny', is credited with disclosing to a worldwide audience the internal disintegration of the US army in Vietnam. Four decades on, he is still making challenging films for ITV and cinema. His films have won Academy Awards in Britain and the United States.

John Pilger, an acclaimed Australian journalist, began his career with a newspaper at Sydney High School and honed his skills through a rigorous cadetship. His journey took him from Australia to Europe and then to London, where he worked for Reuters and the Daily Mirror, becoming its chief foreign correspondent. Notably, he was the youngest to receive Britain's Journalist of the Year award twice. His work in Vietnam, Cambodia, and East Timor, among other regions, has raised significant funds and awareness. Pilger has won numerous awards for his documentaries and has been recognized for his contributions to journalism and human rights. His extensive work includes influential books, documentaries, and articles, shaping public discourse on critical global issues.

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