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Your illusions are safe

The next time someone refers to you as a 9/11 conspiracy theorist, just ask for their explanation why less than 1% of domestic flights have air marshals aboard, six plus years later. It would seem that advocates of the official story no longer bother to keep up the appearance of protecting the same industry they bailed out with our money, let alone that of their passengers. The really astounding feat has been to keep us free from attack all this time without even appearing to try. We must be lucky! You have to wonder by what strange loop of logic you can maintain belief in the official story and yet not question why the seemingly obvious means of enhancing airline security have not yet been made.

The Mineta Testimony: 9/11 Commission Exposed

Americans who rely solely on mainstream media might easily be under the assumption that the 9/11 Commission Report put the questions about what happened on 9/11 to rest. One of the most dramatic lies in the Commission's cover-up has been Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta's direct contradiction of the official story timeline in his testimony to the Commission.