The “Progressive” Approach to 9/11 Strategy


Although Libertarians, old school conservatives and progressives have been most active promoting 9/11 truth, their eventual victory will serve almost every conceivable constituency except perhaps the neocons, Dominionists and corporatist right. All 9/11 truth seekers have their own distinct approaches however, and the following is a recent example of the progressive style.

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  • Survey the military-industrial background (and payoff) of September 11th and we can clearly see (and teach) a brief history of our current repression, endless war and fiscal ruin. Their 9/11 lies are still the neocons’ principal source of war-making/rights-taking/vote-raking power. Before they can exploit 9/11 any more we must blow these lies up in their hands. They’ll be left politically maimed and in deep legal jeopardy.



  • There is a strong case that “our” main objective in Iraq was not simply oil or support for Sharon. It was chiefly to replace the Soviet “Evil Empire” with an even scarier foe so the spiraling defense budget would never ever be questioned again. Against that backdrop, the clumsiness, torture and ruthless brutality of our tactics and occupation begin to make sense. In less than a year we have outraged over a billion Muslims and created a million new suicidal enemies. (No wonder Bush/Cheney praised Rumsfeld as a “superb” Defense Secretary. In less than a thousand days he ensured another generation of public fear and military-industrial rule.) A simple Kerry victory will not allay this hate or threat. To apologize to Muslim lands and reclaim the respect of the world we must drag the entire White House crew down the street in chains and that can only be achieved with 9/11 truth.



  • The 9/11 families have already asked all the hardest questions themselves. Simply bringing these explosive queries to public attention by loudly demanding a response is both radically educational and impossible to fault. By aligning ourselves with the victim families’ cause, we are not going negative or campaigning “against” anything. We are simply standing up for accountability and truth.



  • There are tens of millions of anti-war activists, civil libertarians and abandoned progressives from Dean-world, Kucinichville & who heartily loathe Bush but are also unmoved by Kerry’s “centrist” pro-war corporatist alternative. They will doubtless vote for Kerry, but not fervently work for him, and their formidable talents and energies will remain untapped. We could draw upon that reservoir with a call to expose and disable the neocon machine well before the election with 9/11 truth.



  • Even though over 70% of Americans currently believe the Warren Commission report on JFK’s death was a total whitewash, we have yet to rise up and demand a true accounting. Millions more also know we’ve been deceived by the government (and media) re Pearl Harbor, Iran-Contra, the MLK assassination, the War on Drugs, etc. The fact so many of our people now resignedly live with such lies both emboldens our corrupt rulers and eats away at our democratic self-respect. It is not unpatriotic to believe Americans can be as brave as Serbs, Czechs or Filipinos and finally say “Enough!” and take our country back.



  • The quickest way to turn the nation against war, fear and repression is by shredding their empowering myths. In this era that means exposing the reign of deception that began with the official 9/11 story and hasn’t stopped since. We now know the trail of deceit that led us into Iraq. We only have to follow it further back in time to the lies still enshrouding 9/11. Once these lies are exposed, even soccer moms and NASCAR dads will stand up and cry out for truth.



  • The essential lore of the 9/11 plot can all be imbibed in a single day. You only have to read a half dozen key articles, “The New Pearl Harbor” by theologian David Ray Griffin, and the 200+ still unanswered questions from the 9/11 Commission’s Family Steering Committee.



  • There is a huge reservoir of evidence and testimony already at hand proving the official 9/11 story is a crock. When it is finally organized into an easily understandable form (like a DA’s presentation on Court TV), millions more citizens will suddenly wake up. That material is being developed now and best-selling author John Gray and Ed Asner will be presenting an infomercial in August that offers it to the nation in many user-friendly ways.



  • In the wake of Moore’s revelations, millions have reawakened to the corruption at the top and the total uselessness of the corporate media. This awakening opens up millions of new minds to think the unthinkable and recognize the pre-Iraq treachery was not the exception, but the rule.



  • If progressive People Power can break through the 9/11 cover-up and effect regime change WITHOUT the help of the DLC machine, we may finally remember what democracy looks like and even regain a bit of our sovereign self-esteem. The DNC will also be beholding to us for saving the country from neocon rule rather than the other way around.

In summary, exposing the truth and lies of September 11th is the most effective way to save the nation, end the war, and keep our self-respect…

9/11 Indictments for Dummies

Michael Moore had to fight like hell to get his Fahrenheit 9/11 message out, but many others are still fighting to get the facts below to you. FOR EXAMPLE, have you ever heard that:

  • The victim families, who fought to create the 9/11 Commission, presented it with over 140 well researched questions, 80% of which still remain unanswered to this day.
  • A week before 9/11, stock market wagers that United & American Airlines would soon crash in value were bizarrely high, and won unnamed prophetic bettors over $5 million.
  • The 47-story World Trade Center 7, which was neither hit nor badly damaged, still collapsed perfectly symmetrically from the bottom up at free fall speed.
  • White House officials (and only White House officials) began taking CIPRO on September 11th, weeks before the first anthrax attack.
  • Pakistan’s intelligence chief, who met with George Tenet and other top US guns days before 9/11, also sent $100,000 to the alleged lead hijacker just a few weeks earlier.
  • A year before 9/11, Bush’s neocon crew at the Project for a New American Century wrote publicly that the Mideast control, Star Wars, and huge military buildup they wanted would take forever without “some cataclysmic and catalyzing event like a new Pearl Harbor.”
  • Throughout the summer of 2001 our officials ignored dozens of urgent warnings from foreign governments and stifled FBI field inquiries into Al Qaeda operations.
  • FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds reported that months before 9/11 she had seen FBI documents warning that Al Qaeda was preparing to hit New York with planes.
  • Former Cabinet Ministers in Britain, Germany, and Canada have all publicly stated that the official explanation of our air defense collapse is simply impossible to believe.
  • Those most responsible for ignoring warnings, quashing investigations, or our air defense “failures” were never even rebuked; in fact, most were later promoted to higher posts.
  • Last November 9/11 widow, Ellen Mariani filed a 90-page federal RICO (racketeering) suit against the Bush White House for letting 9/11 happen “for personal and political gain” (and despite 3000 press releases no mainstream media ever even mentioned it!!!)
  • On May 26, 2004, the Toronto Star reported that 63% of all Canadians now believe our government knew 9/11 was coming and did nothing to interfere.

Polls show that two-thirds of Americans now realize the official JFK story was a crock. Unluckily we don’t have 40 years to wake up to a 9/11 hoax. Its fallout is already causing us fiscal ruin, endless war and Constitutional collapse. We can’t even wait for the next Fahrenheit 9/11. If we want a sequel (one with a happier end), we’re going to have to produce it ourselves in the streets and on our own.


Just as patriots like Ed Asner, Medea Benjamin, Dr. Bob Bowman, Kevin Danaher, Dan Ellsberg, Cynthia McKinney, Gore Vidal, Howard Zinn, and hundreds more are trying to illuminate the lies of September 11th, the 9/11 Commission darkens the air with a dense new cover-up. This is hardly shocking. Both co-chairs pledged from the outset “not to point fingers;” most commission members were tied to huge oil, arms or airline firms; and Dem Sen. Bob “Committee for the Liberation of Iraq” Kerry insisted from the first “we must not embarrass the president.” So, no, their craven refusal to even address most of the victim families’ scores of Bush-lethal questions, questions they had once called their “roadmap,” is not exactly surprising. We the People must now do all the work ourselves and reexamine 9/11 as a still unsolved crime, and finally reconsider 9/11 evidence in terms of Motive, Means and Opportunity, just like a country sheriff would.

To keep this case alive until all questions are answered the 911 Truth coalition has launched a Summer of Truth campaign. It will build upon the findings of our International 9/11 Inquiries in San Francisco (3/26-28/04) and Toronto (5/25-30/04), over 80 hours of taped expert testimony, and thousands of pages of documented evidence. Together this material presents a compelling prima facie case that many grave crimes were committed before, during, and after the 9/11 attacks, crimes that must finally be exposed and explored.

At minimum we currently have proof that high-ranking officials within the government had more than enough forewarnings and resources to prevent 9/11, but inexplicably declined. This evidence substantiates probable cause charges ranging from gross dereliction of duty and criminal negligence right up to foreknowledge, passive abetment, and complicity.

But who will bring these charges? And in what forum? Should the next step in this quest for justice be toward a grand jury, impeachment hearings, a People’s Truth Tribunal, or the International Criminal Court? Where should we as a people take a probable cause case of this magnitude to have its probability verified? This is the long overdue national debate that we now propose to start with new books, videos, and hearings. Stay tuned and join in…

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Drop in soon and see why…

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