Tragedy of 9-11 Truth


by Paul de Burgh-Day
Lorinna, Tasmania

Attention: Victor Thorn,

I bought a copy of 9-11 On Trial from you guys. Very useful, well presented, even if I found the style of presentation a bit repetitive. Clearly written to try and reach folks who don’t think much – which is a lot of the audience. Here in Australia too.

My primary reason for writing is to deplore the internecine warfare between people and groups who should be on the same side! I have little doubt that some agence provocateur have done an impressive job of setting 9-11 groups at tearing each other apart. This is a tragedy!

I have done a lot homework on 9-11 and its place in a global strategy. Maybe sitting in Australia helps one to be a bit more objective. Right from the start, my wife and I reckoned 9-11 was an inside job. At that point, pure conspiracy theory. But as the days went by, and as I started to dig into online reports (forget the mainstream media), some hard facts started to emerge. Besides, the ever changing official version began to look utterly implausible.

As we near the 4th anniversary, I have no doubt that what happened in the global sense was according to the PNAC plan, and that Mike Ruppert’s case in Crossing the Rubicon is pretty good. I have the opinion that the moment the first solid evidence showed that the official line was bullshit, we were no longer dealing with Conspiracy Theories. In the big picture, we are not dealing with theories – we have gone beyond possibilities into probabilities and even certainties.

I also think that some of the finer points viz a viz particularly the Pentagon and the WTC towers are murky. At least, some of the ideas some are promoting as gospel – like that there were no aircraft – that they were holograms – are getting into highly theoretical areas. I don’t mind that – but I will remain highly skeptical until someone can show me a solid basis for those ideas.

What I deplore is the way you and others have sunk into the morass of personal denigration. Is this the American way? Is this how you American’s deal with everyone with whom you disagree? I would have hoped not. Where does it get you?

I’ll tell you where it is getting you. It is destroying the fundamentally important quest for the truth. Almost the entire movement is guilty of destroying any credibility you had. You are acting like a bunch of precocious children Those who have set you all up must surely be rubbing their hands in glee! How do I know now that you and your organisation are not one of the agents of provocation?

In your case, I deplore your savage attacks on Mike Ruppert, whose work I admire, and whose decision, after Crossing the Rubiscon made not a ripple, to concentrate his efforts on the big picture, I endorse. I know nothing of Alex Jones – I don’t much care who or what he is. But your savage attack on him – where is that getting you? Where is is getting the real issue – THE TRUTH?

Damn it, surely you should understand that you can question, you can disagree – in a polite and civilised manner? Or are American’s all like the characters we see in 2nd rate movies and on TV who scream at each other?

You know, the events of 9-11 are of vital importance. Getting at the truth is very, very important. Even for an Australian. But American’s must start to face the fact the this event was pulled off for a reason – a reason of profound importance that affects everyone on this planet. Seen in the context of the Big Picture, the events of 9-11 and how they were executed was merely a stepping stone towards the realisation of the neocon’s PNAC.

It would help if a few American’s started to realise that there is another world out here, there are billions out here who are increasingly pissed off by the arrogant American attitude that it is only America’s interest that count. The vast majority of the world out here desperately wants to see the end of the Bush Junta. More than that, they want an end to the current global economic order. They want to see the end of the puppet masters who run Bush, Blair, our Prime Minister; who run the global banking system and the all-powerful corporations. They want the world to be a ‘better place’.

It may be small beer in the scheme of things, but we do not want to witness the depressing spectacle of 9-11 Truth groups ripping into each other!

I call on you, and all other groups, to stop this nonsense. Sit down together, smoke the pipe of peace. Agree to disagree where you cannot see eye to eye. Understand that there are some elements of 9-11 that may never be known (I can’t see the perpetrators making a full confession, can you?). It would be nice to know if the aircraft that hit the towers were what they were supposed to be, or remote controlled substitutes. But in the big picture, this doesn’t matter much.

If this was done, you would soon know who the real shit stirrers are. We all know who the real enemy is – the enemy within. Right now, their people have got you all tied in a knot.

For the whole world – STOP IT!

Paul de Burgh-Day

Lorinna, Tasmania

Editor’s Note:
This pissed-off and pleading letter was sent to us by the Autralian author with permission to post and pass around. Since it addresses larger issues than Thorn’s attacks, it deserves wide reading, deep reflection and some sincere ideas for redress.


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