9/11 Truth: A Direct Path to Needed Change


9/11 Truth: A Direct Path to Needed Change
A Call for Financial Support

The growing 9/11 truth movement represents the most powerful political force
for fundamental reform and democratic renewal in America today. No other constituency
has the vision, strategy or evidentiary base to bring timely change to a gravely
corrupt corporatist system that has hijacked our governance and now threatens
the world more than ever.

911truth.org needs your support to continue to serve, inform and galvanize
our movement so it can achieve its full transformative potential in a timeframe
that makes sense.

911truth.org is not simply the leading portal of 9/11 information and related
news; it has provided the truth movement with catalytic events, campaigns, and
organizing strategies for the last five years.

You may not be aware that all of our funding comes from just two sources:
individual donors and our online store. We have neither requested nor receive
any foundation or corporate support—we are thus able to keep our focus
on 9/11 truth, real truth, without the influence of organizations with potentially
ulterior motives. 911truth.org is truly a grassroots organization, and without
grassroots support, we don’t exist

We are therefore appealing to those of you who understand the urgent importance
of our cause and shared mission to donate whatever you can to help us bring
this movement to fruition before it is too late.


911truth.org contributions to the truth movement include:

1. Movement Building Initiatives – With the help of leading
researchers and victim family members, we have initiated or co-sponsored some
of the most effective projects in the truth movement’s short dramatic history
including influential conferences in New York, Toronto, DC, Boston, Chicago
and Santa Cruz, the well publicized national Zogby polls, the justicefor911.org
petition drive, the Politics911 candidate poll, and the widely reprinted "Top
40 Reasons to Doubt the Official Story," as well as countless other tactical
campaigns, PR exploits and workshops.

2. Educational Resources – Most people in the movement want
to get the truth out, but don’t have the time or resources to personally verify
each and every claim or revelation. They need a reliable source of informative
materials that are straightforward, persuasive, and factually based.

911truth.org therefore provides a wide variety of carefully vetted educational
supplies on our website, through our online store, and in our free grassroots
organizing kits. We also offer free guides and an extensive selection of handout
materials as well as other discounted resources for those who want to host house
parties, start local truth groups, or sponsor larger public events.

We are also now preparing a 9/11 Truth Speakers Information Bureau of authoritative
and provocative spokespeople to facilitate local event organizing and regional

3. Organizing Aids – Many grassroots truth advocates are well
versed in 9/11 information details, but inexperienced in developing effective
local groups. Successful grassroots organizing requires a variety of interpersonal
and group dynamics skills that we help foster with the following services:

· Valuable self-teaching tools – We offer a variety of
group building materials including "Community Guide: The Care and Feeding
of 9/11 Truth Groups," "Communication Tools," and "Handling
Dividers and Disruptors." These and other materials provide proven ideas
and practical advice on developing effective and harmonious grassroots communities.
(Located on the 911truth.org website under the menu tabs: Get Involved ->
Grassroots Communities -> Grassroots Tools)

· Working retreats for grassroots organizers – These workshops
are dedicated to developing the skills and sensibilities needed to understand
group dynamics, develop a collaborative environment, and become an inspiring
leader and effective organizer.

· Personal coaching – 911truth.org provides uniquely intimate
support for activists trying to launch and grow impactful local groups. Our
national grassroots coordinator has 23 years experience as an organizational
development consultant, and is on the phone daily helping truth groups across
the land.

· Lobbying education and support – Training and materials for
engaging, informing and motivating state and federal representatives.

4. Coalition, Alliance & Network Formation – Vibrant grassroots
citizen groups are essential to maintain local democracy and a livable environment,
but in times of national crisis, they need wider circles of association to effect
meaningful change. 911truth.org works to weave local truth groups into synergistic
regional and national networks, as well as forging collaborative alliances with
other activist groups. In brief, we offer the 9/11 truth community:

· A gathering point – 911truth.org provides a public registry
for active and aspiring grassroots organizers seeking to recruit new members
or start new groups. Over the past few months we have witnessed remarkable growth
at the local level averaging nearly one new registration each day. Our site
also provides a forum to connect directly with other grassroots organizers,
as well as a calendar to publicize all local and regional events.

· Regional and national conference calls – Our national calls
occur the second Thursday of every month, and offer a valuable time for registered
grassroots groups to connect, share ideas, and plan mutually supportive activities.
We have also started a monthly Grassroots Development Seminar call that provides
important guidance and training with the help of relevant experts.

· Bridge-building and coalition ties – We actively collaborate
with other national organizations working for peace, human rights, media reform
and others, and cosponsor pioneering synergistic events like the Boston Tea
Party and the Santa Cruz Independent Media Summit.

In other words, 911truth.org is working flat out to bring us to the political
tipping point and a societal moment of truth and transformation. However, we
don’t want to keep doing this forever, and now ask your help to make us both
victorious and obsolete. Together we can generate the profound awakening we
need as a people to create a country and planet that live in peace, justice,
and sustainable abundance at last.

donate now

Thank you!!

As always, we thank you for your courage and persistence, and your continued
energy in 2008–may this be the year truth and justice prevail!

911Truth.org Steering Committee

Janice Matthews
Michael Berger
Paul Deslauriers
Jason King
David Kubiak
Dan Nalven
Peter Phillips
Bryan Sacks
Matt Sullivan

Advisory Board, Bios, and Contact Information at the About Us page.


Please Note: This current listing of our Steering Committee
reflects the names of the only persons who speak for or represent the organization.
Please see our About Us page for more information about the organization, the
Advisory Board, Mission Statement and Goals. See the Grassroots Contacts page
for a listing of autonomous persons listed as contacts to build 9/11 groups.
If you have questions, suggestions, or ideas, please do not hesitate to email
or call us, any time

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