ABC Partisan Wars & 9/11 Myth Maintenance

– Re Local Calm amid the ‘Path to 9/11’ Uproar

By W. David Kubiak

September 9, 2006

This last week has received many emails and phone calls asking why we are not at the frontlines of the protests against ABC’s fictitious Clinton smear, The Path to 9/11. I don’t pretend to speak for the organization, but having been close to the heart of this debate I’d like to offer a few answers of my own.

The bad answer is schadenfreude.
Many of us are in fact rather ironically enjoying the uproar as Democratic Party defenders of the 5-year cover-up are now finding their own ox gored. You will notice that most of the ruckus is not about 9/11 truth at all, but whose political mythology will prevail.

Once the GOP Rove clones recognized how easily they and their corporate media pals could sell the 9/11 Commission fantasy to protect their ass and defend their assaults on international law and the Constitution, what on earth could stop them from using that reality-fabricating power offensively to destroy a few measly Democrats?

Betrayals among criminal cliques are usually conducted at the point of a gun. Our ruling corporate parties seem to prefer media assassinations to get the same job done. Once the Democrats bought into the 9/11 lies and actually helped confect and sell the official story, they stepped over to the dark side where the strictures of truth, law and decency no longer are enforced. The Path to 9/11 mêlée is thus like the Iran-Iraq war or a drug deal gone bad. There is nobody to root for. All the players here are “bad actors” fighting in the shadows for yet more illicit gains.

The good answer is continuing education.
9/11 Commission chairman Thomas Kean’s coming out as a lie-abetting consultant for ABC’s little travesty should help millions more Americans learn that he is hardly married to truth, integrity or the reality of history. Co-chairman Lee Hamilton sold his bona fides decades ago for a mess of pottage perks when he personally quashed and crippled the Iran-Contra inquiry that threatened Bush the First. Kean’s affable, avuncular and ubiquitous media persona, however, inspired public confidence and helped sell the Commission’s damaged goods to countless inattentive folks.

The blatant slanderous fictions of Path to 9/11 that Kean so blithely signed off on should thus awaken at least a few of the lulled to his willing role as a smooth script pimp for whoever’s running (and writing) the show. In other words, Kean’s continued shameless flacking for ABC’s partisan smear is wonderful public education since it so clearly reprises his star marketing role for the Zelikow-crafted fiction of the 9/11 Commission Report. So I can only say, Go, Tom, Go! And Go ABC! Let the chips of shattered credibility fall where they may…

The ugly answer is “who gives a damn?”
Amid the relentless drench of 9/11 disinfo that pollutes this anniversary, what is one more media spigot spouting truth-toxic BS? How can apologists for one cynical fantasy complain when an edgier partisan faction decides to push the deceit a little further down the line? Can they really shout “Foul! This is the myth we agreed upon, no further embroidery is allowed!” Rationally or not, I guess they can because that’s exactly what we’re hearing, and the hypocrisy is rank enough to make the 9/11 dead roll over and the truth-aware throw up.

So don’t look to 9/11 truth lovers for much solidarity in this lame Dem revolt against ABC’s version 2.3 lies. As long as the conflict is confined to dueling fairy tales, we’ve just got no dog in this fight.


W. David Kubiak is former executive director of, but this particular outburst is neither officially of, by, or for the organization.

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