Five Years On, 9/11 Truth Movement Reaches Critical Mass


– Near Majority Support, Powerful New Tools, and Energized Activism Promise Endgame Soon

September 11 Press Release

September 11, 2006 (PRWEB) — The year leading up to the fifth anniversary of the September 11 attacks has been marked by an unprecedented upsurge in public mistrust of the official story portrayed in the 9/11 Commission Report. Respected national polling firms Zogby and Scripps Howard have shown that less than half the public believes in the conclusions or integrity of the 9/11 Commission, and 36% of Americans now think the administration was actively complicit in the attacks to advance its preplanned Mideast war agenda.

This outburst of popular skepticism has come in spite of five years of lockstep support for the official 9/11 narrative by the national press, broadcast media, and both major political parties. The mounting distrust spans the political, religious and ethnic spectrums, and has been largely driven by compelling new films, books, whistleblower reports, and escalating grassroots activism. Collectively these resources and constituencies not only offer the country hope for a fresh and truly honest 9/11 probe, but also a potent new base for radical political reform.

Activating the Newly Awakened

To mobilize the 70+ million voting age 9/11 skeptics identified by Zogby, has organized “Politics 911,” a national effort to identify congressional candidates who would demand an honorable new 9/11 inquiry and then help generate support for their election. This campaign has started polling candidates nationwide and is currently recruiting grassroots poll volunteers at Early progress includes 9/11 truth advocate Dr. Robert Bowman’s lopsided Democratic primary victory on September 5th in Florida’s 15th Congressional District. Mavereick Ohio Democrat Rep. Dennis Kucinich has also repeatedly promised at least new 9/11 hearings if his party retakes the House, but there are also courageous GOP, Green and Libertarian hopefuls demanding 9/11 truth in their campaigns.

Majoritarian Education

National 9/11 poll analyses indicate that among citizens who know the most basic facts about September 11 anomalies (e.g., the unexplained WTC 7 collapse, the Pentagon’s six coincidental aerial war games, the 23 specific advance warnings from 11 foreign governments, etc.), four out of five support an independent re-investigation. This strongly suggests that simply continuing to publicize the most elemental facts and unanswered questions could swiftly build an irresistible public outcry for a new inquiry.

New and Old Tools for Enlightenment

The truth movement is currently blessed with an extraordinary array of new films and books that deconstruct the official story with meticulous research, passion and clarity. Among the latest crop, particularly recommends:

9/11: Press for Truth” — a stunning new documentary based on Paul Thompson’s “Terror Timeline” and the story of the “Jersey Girls” who lobbied the 9/11 Commission into existence and still feel betrayed by the cover-up it spawned. (Full film available free online for several days at

9/11 and American Empire: American Intellectuals Speak Out” and “Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11: A Call to Reflection and Action” by Dr. David Ray Griffin et al. that smartly introduce the 9/11 truth conversation to influential new constituencies.

Towers of Deception — The Media Cover-up of 9-11” by Canadian media scholar Barrie Zwicker that thoroughly dissects corporate media complicity in the suppression of inconvenient 9/11 truths.

There are many more powerful works now available at and more are on the way. In the meantime, it is useful to remember some of the most basic questions that the corporate media still refuse to ask and a new 9/11 inquiry must confront

— Why do 70% of the victim families’ questions remain unanswered to this day, questions that the Commission initially promised would become the investigation’s “road map”?

–Why has the FBI gone to such lengths to cover up its passive unto hostile response to terrorist investigations prior to September 11? Why did it promote the officials who quashed these investigations while gagging agents who claim to have vital information the public still needs to know?

–Why did the 9/11 Commission steer its investigation away from virtually indisputable evidence for government complicity in the 9/11 attacks? And why hasn’t the corporate media followed up on this story?

–Why were dozens of intelligence experts “turned away, silenced or censored” by the 9/11 Commission, according to the National Security Whistleblowers Association, so that not a single meaningful word from any of their testimony made it into the final report?

–Who ordered the half dozen aerial war games that were going on during the 9/11 attacks? Who commanded and controlled them, and why has the media never questioned this bizarre coincidence?

–Why has the 9/11 Commission sealed its private hearing and interview records until January 2009? How can anyone assess its integrity or performance without any of this material?

–Why were NORAD officials permitted to repeatedly lie about our military response that morning without ever facing reprimand or censure, let alone courts martial? executive director, Janice Matthews thoughtfully welcomes the new stage the movement has reached. “The forces aligned against 9/11 truth have moved in recent months from disregard and ridicule to mass media damage control and openly hostile attacks. While this is a certain sign of progress, citizens should be alert to the ubiquitous strawman tactics now employed by official story flacks to defame our movement and re-marginalize 9/11 truth. Specifically, this involves choosing the most ludicrous hypotheses ever uttered and trying to tar the entire 9/11 movement with their absurdities. These include bizarre propositions known as the no-plane, hologram, and pod theories among others, which the mainstream movement considers as preposterous as do its disingenuous foes, who rationally cower at commonsensical questions like those above.

“Overall, however, the real message of 9/11 truth has now reached a critical mass of citizens, and ruthless defamation tactics may prolong the ‘media controversy’ but are ultimately doomed to fail. Truth has an inherent strange attractor force that cannot be dispelled, not by cynical propaganda nor overwhelming media power. It is in that lust for truth and justice that our democracy once began, and 9/11 truth now offers Americans the chance to feel that thrill again.”

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