The 9/11 Commission claims that “we found no evidence”

When Underwriters Laboratories fired me for challenging the World Trade Center (WTC) report that it helped create with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), it said "there is no evidence" that any firm performed the required fire resistance testing of the materials used to build the Twin Towers. Of course, that was a lie.

Just Like 9/11? Oil Spill Responders Are Getting Sick … But Are Being Told They Don’t Need Any Safety Gear

George mentions here that McClatchy News is reporting on this. In fact, McClatchy is now reporting fairly extensively on the Gulf oil 'volcano' (though they're still calling it a "spill") and don't seem to be holding back on the underlying fact that in this case, again, corporations are controlling the government ("BP withholds oil spill facts

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Obama and 9/11

by Michael Hasty Sunday RadicalPantheist.blogspot.com Although I was as happy as most Americans that Barack Obama took the oath of office last week, rather than his Republican alternative, there is a major reason that he...

Joel Brinkley’s Article on Richard Falk: Does It Demonstrate the Right “Frame of Mind” to Teach Journalism at Stanford?

In a companion essay (reprinted below), I discussed the response of some articles in the mainstream press to the claim, made by some defenders of Israel, that Professor Richard Falk should be removed from...

The Ultimate 9/11 ‘Truth’ Showdown: David Ray Griffin vs. Matt Taibbi

By Matt Taibbi and David Ray Griffin October 6, 2008 Alternet.org A poll of 17 countries that came out September of this year revealed that majorities in only nine of them "believe that...

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