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Phoenix 9/11 Truth Activist to Start Hunger Strike at McCain’s Office: Memorial Day, 5:00PM, May 26, 2008 at the office of Senator John McCain, 5353 N. 16th St., Phoenix, AZ

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Phoenix, AZ, May 21, 2008 – In an effort to bring national attention to the 9/11 truth issue, Phoenix activist, Blair Gadsby, a professor of Religious Studies, plans to start a hunger strike on Memorial Day, at the Phoenix office of Senator John McCain. Gadsby is putting the spotlight on McCain because of McCain’s avowed support for the official account of 9/11. McCain is the author of the foreword to the 2006 Popular Mechanics book, Debunking 9/11 Myths: Why Conspiracy Theories Can’t Stand Up to the Facts.

Gadsby, an Arizonan who is represented by McCain, stated for the record, “I believe Mr. McCain is a man of deep integrity. He has stood up to corporate influence in campaigns and to the very powerful Military Industrial Complex in the past, and he has a record of being a maverick. That’s why I’ve chosen to offer him this opportunity to face the issues head-on publicly. He may be one of the very, very few who have the integrity and stature to keep the military loyal and find the broad-based political support to bring about a change in our great country. But today, he is in a perilous position. By writing the Foreword to the official cover-up story, he has sided with the corrupt and war-mongering elements in our society and government. But if he can be made to see that he has been lied to, like the rest of the American people, he may be able to pull us back from the brink of an America perpetually at war. In the end, that’s what this is all about – a wartime economy that is out of control. We need someone to rein it in, and I’m pinning my hopes that Senator McCain will do the right thing, and not be so desperate to become President that he will sell himself out. I only hope it’s not too late.”

Gadsby says he will fast until McCain agrees to give him and the Phoenix 9/11 Truth group two hours of time: one hour for presentation of evidence and facts followed by one hour of debate between leading investigators and scientists on both sides of the issue. Other 9/11 truth groups in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and New Mexico are organizing events in solidarity with Gadsby’s hunger strike. More information about Professor Gadsby is available at:

Hungry for Truth — Day 1 (5/27/08)

Todays action was a big success! 50 people joined Blair on the street in front of John McCain’s Phoenix office. Lots of new faces and some old friends came to support the first ever hunger strike for truth. To the complete surprise of all involved the main stream media did not show up… Stay tuned for tomorrows action, President Bush will be in town for a fund raiser with McCain. Please keep Blair in your thought as he is committed to fasting for 911Truth! -Drew

Hungry For Truth – Day 2

Day two of the First Ever Hunger Strike for 9/11 Truth was met by an enormous amount of activism. The day began at 5am as Blair continued his visit to the office of John McCain. Meanwhile at 2pm in Mesa, President Bush arrived to speak to the Silverado Cable Co. The location of his speech was changed at the last minute due to lack of interest in the $25,000 a plate fundraiser for Presidential hopeful John McCain. Bush was greeted by 400 anti-war protesters and activists for 9/11 Truth. The police state was in full effect as the police videotaped activists exercising their first amendment rights. At 4pm a larger anti-Bush/McCain protest formed in downtown Phoenix at City Hall, followed by a march through the streets of Phoenix. Fortunately Blair was able to speak with a local television station to make his case for 9/11 issues. It was obvious the media would not come to Blair, so we took Blair to the media. At 7pm we went back to McCain’s office and were joined by three members of Code Pink who gave Blair their support and well wishes. One member of Code Pink stated, “if you can’t support 9/11 Truth, what can you support?” Blair wants to thank everyone who has sent their support and kind thoughts to him. Please lend your support by contacting our local media here in Phoenix. More photos of this event can be viewed at or Stay tuned for Day 3 !!!

-Tim King

Hungry For Truth – Day 3

Senator Karen Johnson (R-18) of Mesa met with 9/11 Truth activist Blair Gadsby today in front of the office of U.S. Senator John McCain. Gadsby is in Day 3 of a hunger strike outside McCain’s office to persuade McCain to meet with him and 9/11 scholars to discuss the discrepancies in the official 9/11 Commission Report. Architect Richard Gage, physicist Dr. Steven Jones, Senator Johnson, and hundreds of engineering experts contend that the World Trade Center collapsed due to explosive demolition, not due to the damage from the impact of the airplanes and the resulting fires, and they are requesting a new and more thorough investigation. Gadsby began his fast at midnight Sunday and plans to continue for as long as he can physically get himself to McCain’s office, where he spends the daylight hours — usually from about 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. Asked how he feels today, Gadsby replied, “I feel fabulous!”

Article from AZ Senator Karen Johnson:

[Related: Senator Karen Johnson was interviewed on the Charles Goyette Show regarding the recent hit pieces by the Arizona Republic and the demolition of the Twin Towers and Building 7. Charles took calls from the audience. Listen here. Blair is a professor of Religious Studies at a Phoenix-area college. He is very committed to the cause of 9/11 Truth and was willing to make a big sacrifice to promote the cause. Although his wife (a nurse) wasn’t too excited about having him fast indefinitely, she agreed to support him (thank you, Mrs. G!).

Under the best circumstances, fasting can be tough. The first day, you experience normal hunger pangs. The pangs eventually subside and are replace by increasing feelings of weakness. Water is very important to flush the system and to keep the body hydrated. Blair is undertaking a “water-only fast.” No juice, no energy drinks — just water.

He prepared very well for this fast. He consulted with his doctor, had blood work done to make sure there were no unknown obstacles or health issues, and then began to regulate his eating. A week ago he discontinued eating meat altogether and for the last few days ate vegetables and fruits mostly with a few carbs the last week before the fast. He began fasting at midnight Sunday, so yesterday (Memorial Day) was Day 1.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the desert climate, the temperatures normally reach 100 degrees or more every day, beginning in May. Although we’ve had a couple of 100-degree days already, it has been relatively cool for Phoenix this year. Yesterday the high was about 83 degrees, so Blair had a decent first day. When temperatures are more than 100 degrees, the body dehydrates rapidly. Tourists who visit Phoenix and are unaccustomed to the desert climate occasionally get themselves into trouble because of their unwitting failure to drink enough water. Under extreme circumstances, a car that breaks down on the highway … or pulling off the road for a hike in the desert … can quickly lead to dehydration, collapse, and loss of consciousness within 30 to 40 minutes. If fluids are not replenished and electrolyte balance re-established quickly and rapidly, kidney failure follows and then death. Desert residents always carry water in their cars and on their person during the hot summer months. It’s not unusual to have regular daily temperatures of 105 to 112 degrees during the summer here, and 120-degree temperatures are not considered out of the ordinary. So, Blair has to deal with not only the rigors of fasting, but also the problem of staying hydrated. His wife and the “Truthers” here will be making sure he has plenty of bottled water and is drinking enough. Blair seems like a pretty sensible guy, and is taking this very seriously, so we don’t anticipate any problems.

Finally, the link below takes you to an article in one of the suburban newspapers that talks about Blair’s fast and 9/11. I think this article indicates that maybe the media is starting to open the door just a teensy little crack to admit the possibility of a need for further investigation of 9/11. See what you think.

Either I or my assistant will be sending out daily reports on Blair and how the Hunger Strike is going. President Bush is in town today for a fundraiser for Senator McCain, and picketers are protesting at all their scheduled stump locations. Have a great day everyone!

Senator Karen S. Johnson

E.V. religion instructor in hunger strike for 9/11 Truth
May 23rd, 2008 by lawngriffiths

Generalizations about “The Media” are risky because they are so diverse. However, whether you are inside it or an observer on the outside, you are brain-dead if you don’t have plenty to criticize.

Much of the press, of course, suffers from pack journalism and pack thinking. There is safety there. Being a business dictates far more than is realized in what the media takes on. Investigative journalism is noble but costly, and certainly plenty of rascals and rogues run free in their insidious schemes. There are too few watchdogs to sniff them out. How much serious wrongdoing goes on in the East Valley alone for lack of media investigators and the resources to give the time to probe.

Then there is the media’s arrogance and refusal to give any semblance of credibility to “conspiracies.” It goes something like this: Nothing major could be pulled off on the grand scheme against society or civilization because: 1) someone would snitch or fumble before it could happen; 2) a big project of evil cannot be pulled off because of the ineptness that accompanies big planners, especially when they are G-men, people at the public trough; 3) people are genuinely good and would never do something vastly unthinkable to hurt others, except the occasional Hitler or Pol Pot; and 4) God protects us from such evildoing.

“Corporate media” is more than a descriptor. It’s more than the fact that companies own hordes of media of all sorts and all at once. They, in fact, are gatekeepers often full of blindspots and biases as to what rises to the level of reportable issues. Certainly there are sacred cows that keep a slew of issues from being looked at. The Web has gone a long way to counter established media’s set of priorities for coverage.

UFOs, JFK assassination (that Oswald didn’t do it) and the 9/11 terrorist attacks and report are subjects that the media, for the most part, treat as too far out to legitimize with coverage outside of what’s already “settled.” Our government would not cover up reports on unidentified flying objects because they defy conventional thining. And it’s foolish to suggest there was a rush to judgment about the terrorist attacks, despite a raft of inconsistencies and conflicts of interest.

Comes Blair Gadsby, an adjunct faculty member in religious studies at Mesa Community College and Chandler-Gilbert Community College, who apparently intends to begin a hunger strike on Monday — Memorial Day — “to bring national attention to the 9/11 truth issue.” It will begin at the office of Sen. John McCain, R.-Arizona, and the apparent GOP presidential candidate for 2008. Gadsby intends to put the spotlight on McCain because of his “avowed support for the official account of 9/11.”

In a press release, Gadsby is described as a Phoenix activist who “will fast until McCain agrees to give him and the Phoenix 9/11 Truth group two hours of time — one hour for presentation of evidence and facts followed by one hour of debate between leading investigators and scientists on both sides of the issue.”

Trouth groups in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and New Mexico plan to hold events in solidarity with Gadsby’s hunger strike. McCain is partly single out because he wrote the forward for a 2006 Popular Mechanics book, “Debunking 9/11 Myths: Why Conspiracy Theories Can’t Stand Up to the Facts.”

Then they are capitalizing on McCain’s reputation as a man who is a maverick who doesn’t so readily go along with conventional positions. “He has stood up to corporate influence in campaigns and to the very powerful military industrial complex in the past,” the release said.

The truth group says Gadsby will begin his hunger strike at 5 p.m. Monday at McCain’s office, 5353 N. 16th St., Phoenix.

Trying to get a meeting with a man totally consumed with being elected president of the United States is daunting, in itself. But then targeting a presidential candidate with a protest of potential starvation may draw its own attention. Given the media’s deadly predisposition of discounting, dismissing and marginalizing issues they label “conspiracy,” the 9/11 controversy may not get much, if any, new traction for the Gadsby effort to whet anybody’s appetite.

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