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No Justice for 9/11 Victims Found Here

Statement of September 11th Advocates Regarding Guantánamo Bay Military Tribunals For Immediate Release May 4, 2012 It would seem that the U.S. Government found itself in a conundrum when they allowed prisoners, like...

Breaking: CIA agents guilty of Italy kidnap

Human Rights Watch spokeswoman Joanne Mariner said: "For us, this first case puts the war on terror on trial." ...

Mystery surrounds prison death of terrorist whose testimony was key to Iraq invasion

Austalia's Sunday Herald has just printed a significant article on the death of Ibn al-Sheikh al-Libi, "Curveball," on the basis of whose tortured testimony justification for the Iraq War was based. Al-Libi had been visited by a human rights group representative immediately before his "suicide" in a Libyan prison. To date, this incredibly important story is strikingly under-reported in the corporate American media, even though we now know "[t]he fact he lied 'to avoid torture' was verified by 'a bipartisan report of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence,' according to a press release Monday on Al-Libi's death by Human Rights Watch (HRW)." We have also posted below excellent reporting from Jeff Kaye, blogger at Firedoglake.com. (Sincere thanks go out to so many great, GREAT investigative reporters like this now blogging tirelessly so we get at least some glimpse of what's going on in the world!!) And for more information, we previously posted Andy Worthington and Brad Friedman's important reporting on this.

Ibn al-Shaykh al-Libi Has Died In A Libyan Prison

BradBlog is (as usual) providing excellent coverage of this article's importance, and asks why American corporate media is not covering this news:
Coverage of al-Libi 'Suicide' Almost Wholly Absent from U.S. Mainstream Corporate Media (But there's plenty on a comedian's jokes about Limbaugh and Hannity at the White House Correspondents Dinner)
UPDATED 5/12: 24 hours later, WaPo & UPI finally jump in with some decent coverage...
So, it's been about 16 hours since we covered indie journalist/historian/blogger Andy Worthington's detailed report on the reported suicide of the man who falsely "confessed," during torture, to a false tie between Iraq and al-Qaeda. The forced confession was subsequently used by the Bush Administration (Bush himself, as well as Powell and others) as justification for the war on Iraq. That, despite the fact that Ibn al-Shaykh al-Libi recanted his story not long thereafter, as long and widely reported.
As of this moment, not a single mainstream U.S. newspaper or broadcast outlet has reported on the story. Is it not notable? Or are our newspapers just dead set on ensuring their irrelevance by continuing to not report on news that actually matters, no matter how widely it's being reported in other parts of the world?

Human Rights Watch: Leading Rwanda Expert Killed in Plane Crash

Human Rights Watch Mourns Loss of Alison Des Forges Alison's loss is a devastating blow not only to Human Rights Watch but also to the people of Rwanda and the Great Lakes region. Kenneth Roth, executive...

Obama lets CIA keep controversial renditions tool

Originally published at ChicagoTribune.com By Greg Miller, Washington Bureau on January 31, 2009 WASHINGTON -- The CIA's secret prisons are being shuttered. Harsh interrogation techniques are off-limits. And Guantánamo Bay will eventually go back to being...