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Hurdles Still Remain for Ground Zero Settlement

Oh, great ... "Judge Hellerstein said he would take a week to review the terms of the agreement and convene again next Friday to give his 'initial impressions' and to hear from interested parties, including plaintiffs. He also scheduled a formal "fairness hearing" on the agreement for April 12. Lawyers from both sides have said that the settlement does not require the judge's approval." Anyone who's watched the developments at 911truth.org and related sites knows the battles lost by one 9/11 victim's family after another in trying to get their case heard by Judge Alvin Hellerstein. A search on "Hellerstein" at 911truth.org brings up just a bit of this outrageous history, for further reading.

Judge defends pretrial secrecy of 9/11 documents

Surprise! Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein, Southern District of New York (whence have come Giuliani, Spitzer, Hauer, Freeh, Mukasey, ... )says he "favors" keeping 9/11 secrets ... And gosh, it's worked so well for the defendants (aviation companies) thus far: "the confidentiality agreement speeded a pretrial process that enabled more than 90 families of victims of the Sept. 11 attacks to settle their cases." (emphasis added) Hellerstein is previously quoted as saying his "job" is to get these cases settled. Really? A judge's job is to settle cases? Even if discovery and a trial is needed to determine accountability? How does 'getting plaintiffs to settle' lead to justice? These families who settled their cases (after years of fighting for disclosure) means there's now no need for discovery, and certainly allays anyone's fears that "secrets" might be made public. Guess Hellerstein is doing a good job, given his definition of his duties...