Is it time to endorse NYC CAN?


John Albanese
July 23, 2009
New York City

70,000 signatures. A groundswell of endorsements from some of the most prestigious
and well-respected names in and out of the 9/11 Truth movement, anti-war movement,
government and military officials, and, most importantly, the victim’s

Whether one agrees or disagrees with the underlying language, history and personalities
of those involved, it cannot be disputed that NYC CAN represents perhaps the
most unified and historic groundswell of public support for a 9/11 investigation
in the history of the 9/11 Truth movement. We cannot turn our backs on the self-evident
nature of this historic collaboration.

For this reason I can no longer withhold my endorsement.

I am well aware of the problems inherent in this initiative. As one of the
last few holdouts in the 9/11 Truth community, I too was deeply concerned with
various aspects of this initiative. But, in many respects the widespread attention,
and unifying character of the many endorsements, and the community outreach
associated with the initiative, makes this not just a referendum on the events
of 9/11, but also a virtual referendum on the nature of the 9/11 Truth movement

With so much widespread support and exposure NYC CAN will once and for all
create a high-profile platform for an open and honest dialogue — not just
about the events of 9/11 — but about OURSELVES – and our ability to maintain
our dignity and credibility as a movement in the face of what will invariably
be organized efforts to disrupt our efforts — from without and within.

At this we cannot fail. We cannot ignore the call of 70,000 New Yorkers, and
countless others worldwide, who have taken a stand for creating this unique
platform for truth.

It is for this reason that I would like to announce my full endorsement for
the NYC CAN, and my intentions to work towards publicly supporting and promoting
this initiative.

But, to those among us who may seek to discredit or diminish our efforts, please
know that the public endorsements of so many people has created a unique mandate
for credibility. This is in fact a PEOPLE’S initiative.

I, for one, welcome this historic moment in the 9/11 Truth Movement, because
the unique unity this initiative has created now shines a very powerful spotlight
— not just on the events of 9/11 — but on the credibility and nature
of our own efforts.

It is my hope that we, as a community, can prevail. It is my hope that this
spotlight will once and for all exorcise out the full truth behind, not just
9/11, but about who we are as a community and what we stand for, and who and
what we allow to represent our cause. It goes without saying that, should this
initiative pass, a considerable amount of public HOPE and SCRUTINY will become
focused on those entrusted with the sacred task of breathing life into the investigation.
Let us hope they do not fail us.

We have only one shot at gaining credibility in the public’s eye — and
NYC CAN affords us a very powerful public forum for determining for ourselves,
once and for all, if we can discern fact from fiction — and friend from

This, I can fully endorse.

John Albanese is a New York City filmmaker ("Everybody’s Gotta Learn
Sometime") and one of the earliest members (2003) of New York 911 Truth.

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